Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Helping Out

I strolled over to the CG office to see if things had changed any since last November.  Nope, not much.  Everything is still hand written with boxes of paper forms everywhere.  But it is organized as best as possible.  Rodney helped me remember things and told me about some updated info.  I was ready for tomorrow.

Saturday morning I was up at 6:30, which was a little too early, so my sweetie made some coffee which we sipped in bed until it was time to get moving.  I got things ready in the office, and it wasn't long before people poured in.  Fridays are busiest with lots of checkins, but Saturday is busy, too.  After 10 hours at the office, I was pooped.  But dinner was almost ready as I walked in the door.  This situation is reminiscent of the days I was still working in Raleigh and Gary had retired.  All the housework was always done and the supper was on the stove when I came home.  Yes, sir, that's my sweetie.

Sunday was just like Saturday, but not as busy.  Gary came by with lunch, and the CG owner came in to chat for a while.  She owns 24 dogs (she had 27 last year, but lost a few).  She takes very good care of them whether they are given to her or they are homeless.  Needless to say, she knows the vet very well. Bless her big heart.

Monday we had decided that our site was just too unlevel to be comfortable.  Our front wheels were off the ground, so we had back up on six inches of board.  Which made the front steps a little high, so we used cement blocks under our step stool.  And we still weren't truly level.  The thing that clinched it was that our sewer ran uphill.  Can't have that.  So we asked the manager to move and he said yes, so we packed up everything and moved two sites away.  It took 1 hour to level in our old spot and 5 minutes in our new one.  That old spot was good for fifth wheels, but a little difficult for a Class A. 

We got cleaned up and headed over to HR at Dollywood.  Things have changed a lot, and the person we were to see had moved to a new job.  We were helped with our paperwork and walked over to Safety to have more papers signed.  It was fun walking through the park noticing all the changes.  I still wish we could have an air-conditioned job, though.  It's gonna be warm out there. 

As far as beginning work, we will get a call on Wednesday or Thursday.  In the meantime, I need to get some work shoes, and try to remember how to operate the register.  We returned home around three and chatted with some old friends from last year that stopped by to say hi. 

Then, around the corner came our friends, Donna and Ron.  We had not seen them since October of last year, but they looked the same and it was like no time had passed at all!  The boys were trying to get the sewer line draining in the right direction.  Now, this is how to do it:  The owner (Ron) supervises:

You would think they needed an engineering degree, but 30 minutes later, they had a great looking setup.  And, most importantly, it works!

After they got the A/C going, they came over and chatted until we whipped up some tacos, chatted until 9, then we had to call it a night.  Thunderstorms woke me at 4 am, but Gary was getting up at 5:30 to play golf (yes, really) so it was hard to get back to sleep.  After both alarms went off, and he closed the door on the way out, I got a couple more winks, but got up at 7.  For the first time in months and months, I had coffee alone.

Well, we're off for more adventures today, so I'll be filling in later all the fun stuff we do.  Thanks for visiting!

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