Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun with Friends

While Gary was playing golf, and Donna was at HR getting her papers, I did some computer work.When Gary came back from playing golf, his eyes were nearly swollen shut.  This was not his MF, but either a bug bite, or lawn chemicals from the golf course.  They weren't painful, but itchy.  Poor guy; we drove him to the drug store where we talked to the pharmacist.  She sold us some Benadryl, telling him that we could call his Dr. if he wanted to get a shot of something, but eventually it would go away.  Benadryl makes most everyone tired, but it makes Gary's legs restless, too, so he limited his intake to one pill during the day and two at night times.

He had made an appointment with the Dr. that put in his port, so we drove over to the hospital for his flush (it took 10 minutes) then we all went out to eat at McAllister's for lunch.  We came home, so Gary could take a nap, and Donna and I went over to JoAnn's to look for fabric that we need for our projects.  She is making a baby quilt for a new grandson, and I am attempting to change my window treatments.  We struck out on all counts, but had fun looking around.

The Parkway, also known as Rte. 441, is usually at a standstill on Friday afternoons, but it moves at a snail's pace every afternoon around 4 as traffic increases during rush hour.  So Donna and I decide to take the short cut on back roads.  I thought I could remember, but Donna had her iPhone GPS working as long as she had a signal, which was very spotty.  We got lost, but eventually found our way back home.  It was a pleasant drive through the countryside, fields and forests.  Next time I'll know the way.

Gary and Ron had had their naps and were excited to go taste their first Buffalo Wild Wings in Tennessee.  The rain had stopped and it was a pleasant 76 degrees, so we ate outside.  They like fried pickle chips, but I like onion rings, so we managed those as well as one buffalito before we called it quits.

We hung out until 9:30 and then Gary's Benadryl was kicking in, so we called it a night after we made plans for Thursday.

We all had breakfast at home, and because it was cool and called for rain, and our A/C in the Jeep works weakly, we decided to drive to Knoxville in the Jeep.  Three destinations:  Walmart to get the fabric Donna needed and towels I needed, Panera for lunch and Hobby Lobby.  Someplace I've never been.  Well, it's as big as a warehouse, and we were in there for at least an hour (the boys got bored and went over to Lowe's).  So much to see!

We couldn't even get to the corners of the store by the time the boys came back in to find us.  But I did add to my granddaughter's collection for her birthday.  It was really pouring when we left for home, skipping Camping World until another day.  Later we got together for dinner for chicken enchiladas.  Yummmmmy!  Both Gary and I were looking forward to a non-interrupted night of sleep.  I'll let you know how that went!  Nitey-nite!

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  1. glad to see Gary's eyes weren't painful but itchy can be just as bad sometimes...I suffer from itchy eyes around certain plants and pollen..hope the Benadryl worked and his 'legs' let him rest well last night...and that he awakens today 'right as rain'...