Monday, July 16, 2012

More Old Friends and a Little Work

The forecast for the next few days is rain with afternoon thunderstorms (the usual summer weather pattern).  It rained a little overnight, and was cloudy this morning and 72.  I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then decided to work on my bedroom window.  The guys at Independence RV said that our window manufacturer was out of business, and it would take him hours to fix.  I said I'd do it.  The window worked up and down OK, but the screen was stuck.  I noticed that the plastic casing was jamming the screen because it was cracked.  I needed to work it like a stuck zipper.  After 30 minutes, I did it, and now my screen goes up, too.  I don't know why I wanted the screen to go up, but that's just me.  It's supposed to, so I wanted it to.

Gary finally got off the couch and wandered over to the CG Office to find out what Rodney and Ron were doing.  We haven't begun work yet, as the 'right person' is on vacation.  Monday we'll have to run back over to HR to get our hire papers.  Gary doesn't really want to work there, so if the CG owner says he can, he will take my job at the office, and I'll work at DW. 

I put up our birdfeeder because I thought I heard a hummingbird while I was outside re-arranging the basement.  Sure enough, 20 minutes after I filled the feeder, a male Ruby Throated hummer came for a drink.  Still waiting for the Goldfinches, Titmice and Flickers that we had last year.

Just as I finished, it started to sprinkle.  We don't have any room to put our awning out and our picnic table is in the front of the coach.  We'll get it all organized when it decides to be nice out for a while.

This evening we were invited to have dinner with our friends, Brenda and Larry in their new home.  I met Brenda last year at a scrapbooking event, and we hit it off.  They lived in a beautiful Navigator in a campground near us and we spent a lot of time together last year.  Due to Larry's health problems, they decided to look for a permanent spot to hang their hats, and found a fabulous former rental home high on a mountain top.

Here's the view as we arrived at 6 pm.  It had just rained heavily, so the clouds were clearing.

And the inside with our hosts:

The never-ending view out their picture windows.  I am almost jealous.  It was a fabulous home and we had a declicious dinner watching the rain clouds form, then disappear.  I would probably get nothing done, just sit there and think I was in Heaven.  We finally tore ourselves away, and rolled back down the mountain in a light drizzle.

Saturday was a work day at the campground office.  I mentioned before that we were hoping the owner would say it was OK for Gary to work in the office, while I worked at DW.  Our hopes were answered, so we spent the day together while Gary did most of the work, I supervised.  The office is open 9 to 7, so we arrived home exhausted and decided to go out to Mel's Diner with Donna and Ron for a quick bite (amidst the rain - again).  We hung out a little at the restaurant, but parted when we arrived home.

Sunday was another office day, and Gary was feeling a little more confident.  Here's a picture of him smiling!

It was another busy day, but Donna had to work until 7, too, so I threw together some pasta and shrimp and stuff and they contributed a salad, and it was all good.  Then we hung around planning our play days.  I still have to get over to DW to get my work papers in order and plan to do that on Monday. 

So we'll let you know our plans as they come together!

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