Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grands Time

Tuesday started out at the mall, but we didn't have much time before we had to pick up the kids at VBS.  The mall has changed a lot, so we'll make another trip to cover more ground another day.  The kids really wanted to go fishing again, so we picked up some worms, and that must have been the key, because here are some of the catches:

a small bass with Jack
let this little guy swim back to mom and dad
It was pretty hot, so we headed back to town to the pool and then got cleaned up for Moe's Mexican food before Joe's (Dad) softball game.

All mouths full
Getting high fives for second home run
Mom and daughter are proud

Thus ended another fabulous day.

Wednesday we had to have another bagel at Bruegger's but after that met at Camp Central (the house) and planned our day.  Mandy introduced me to an iPad game that is, as most are, totally addicting.  It's called BraveSmart if you want to check it out, but I only play it at her house or anywhere else that doesn't use our data time, because one can really play it for hours.  Two others:  Words HD Free (scrabble that you play with others) and Draw Free - kind of like pictionary that you play with others.  Haven't been able to play very much at all, just because we're so busy with the kids.

Gary and I had plans for dinner with our great friends, Dick and Diane.  Dick has recently retired (I used to work with him) and we haven't seen them since last November, so it, again, was a great reunion.  Dick BBQ'd some steak which was so exciting for Gary, for it was his first time after surgery that he has been able to eat steak.  It was delicious, and slid down with no trouble.  We barely had room for Better Than Sex Dessert - a creamy concoction of chocolate and vanilla pudding and lots of nuts - yum. 

Of course, the boys made plans to play golf, and Diane and I are going to do something together next Monday, so with hugs, we headed home.  We BARELY made it through the gates at 9:03.  They were still open because of an issue with a motorhome leaving or something, but we won't cut it that close again!

Today we arrived at 10:30 after Jack had met his new teacher.  He is enrolled in a year-round school and begins July 9.   Then we took Granny to Joy Club where she went on a "cruise" for the 'old folks', played bingo and won a pair of slippers.  Off to lunch, and then Moonlight Swirl - a frozen yogurt place that has almost any topping you can imagine and you make it yourself.  It's then weighed and you pay a per ounce amount.  Ooooo, good. 

Mandy and Joe were organizing a swim meet tonight, so we actually got home around 6:30 and had dinner outside, until the buggies were too much.  It was really warm today, like much of the central US, and promises to get even warmer tomorrow. 

Our hearts go out to those who have lost everything in the fires out west.  We hope everything gets under control as soon as possible.  Our home in Sarasota got pretty wet with Debbie going through, but not too much damage.  Every year we pray that there are no major hurricanes, but if there are, that they decide to go around us.

The fun continues...

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  1. Just catching up on your blog. Love that you are enjoying "The Rock" as much as we did!! Looks like you are getting in some great family and friends time. Gary and you look terrific:o))