Friday, July 20, 2012

Nothing Much Going On

Monday I went over to the Foods Office to see Melinda hopefully to get the ball rolling on my papers.  I met one of my leads there, so now he knows I am around.  Melinda took my number and promised to call tomorrow.  So I left the office and walked around the park looking for my other leads just to say hi.  I saw a couple, and they asked when I was starting.  All I could say was 'soon'.

After that Donna and I stopped at JoAnn's to pick up some sizing for a project we have in mind and then over to Walmart.  Always Walmart...

Tuesday none of us had to work, and Gary's golf day was changed to Thursdays, but I can't remember much of what we did.  Wednesday we went over to the Dish Barn for Donna to get some more Fiestaware.  A big storm was heading our way, so we ducked into the Smokey Mountain Knife Works.  Three floors of knives, kitchenware, candy, camping stuff, and toys.  As the storm raged outside, we walked among deer, bear, pumas (all stuffed) and a three story waterfall.  The sun came out, and we meandered on down Rte 66 to home and some Polish Noodles.  This recipe is as old (or older) than I am, and I've been served it all my life.  It's a mixture of sausage, cabbage and egg noodles and really delicious.  If you would like the recipe, just ask.

We hung out listening to Country Music so I could get some kind of education for Texas this winter.  I like country, but don't know the songs, artists or the words, so our friends decided I needed a quick course on CMA.  On TV I could finally put the faces to the music during the videos, and I got to know some of the more recent singers in the business. 

Thursday my last year's Team Leader called to tell me I start work on Monday.  Donna, Ron and I decided to have the breakfast buffet at Aunt Granny's in Dollywood before getting my ID, etc. at HR.  I never get my money's worth at buffets.  I can't eat that much.  After that, we went over to HR to pick up my stuff, and they wouldn't give me anything, but told me to go over to Wardrobe to get my costume stuff.  So we did that, and now I have my outfits, but need to stop by HR on the way to work on Monday to get my ID, etc.  Sheesh.

Meanwhile Gary played golf and got home around lunchtime.  We wanted to go into Gatlinburg and walk around as it was not supposed to rain until the evening.  Donna and I walked and shopped and the boys sat on the sidewalk benches and people-watched.  The heat wore us out so we stopped at No Way Jose's Mexican food for dinner.  That was good, but we said our goodnights right after dinner.

Later that evening severe weather beeps were continuously on the tv warning of thunderstorms headed our way.  We got them, but not severely.  We woke to hear some people had died in Louisville from those same bad storms. 

Our hummers continue to visit.  This is at the large feeder.

I have a kitchen window feeder, too.  But I would have to stand there with my heavy camera leaning over the sink to catch one eating.  They are very skittish, and any movement would scare them away.  So I have to lay in wait - oh, my aching back.  But they are one of my favorite birds, and I am really looking forward to seeing other species when we travel out west in the winter.

Till later....


  1. I would love your Polish noodle recipe! It sounds like something my grandmother made when I was little. I'd love to try it and see if it brings back any memories :)

  2. I love cabbage, sausage and noodles..therefore I'm sure I'd love that polish noodle..I also would love the recipe...have a super weekend