Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday was a work day, but a short one.  Gary had radiation in the morning so we didn't get to St. Pete until 10:15 and we had to leave at 2:15 to get to Sarasota for my appointment.  My sciatica has been very annoying, so I broke down and called my Dr. for advice.  I talked to our favorite nurse, Yolanda, who suggested an accupuncturist she used for the same ailment.  Taking ibuprofen in large amounts works temporarily, but is not a long-term solution.  She said her sciatica has disappeared, so I thought it might be cool to check out this accupuncturist (who is also a MD).

He was thorough with his examination and determined that I had had a trauma or overworked my right muscle group around the middle of my back.  I won't go into the technical terms, but about 12 needles, electro-therapy, a heat lamp, dark room and soothing music made the next 20 minutes fly by (I think I might have fallen asleep).  He unhooked and unneedled me, gave me a wonderful massage, and I made another appointment for Thursday.  This felt great!

Tuesday we decided to go ahead and finish the fridge.  We measured 42 times and had to cut twice.  There was a corner we needed to carve out for the water dispenser on the left top of the door panel.  We used a template, cut out the square, and discovered it was too small.  There was a lip around the entire door edge that the panel fits under and lips around the dispenser square.  We removed the strip that encompasses the handle to be able to slide the panel in by removing the Fantastic Fan screen and opening the door so that the strip would slide up through the roof.  The panel slid in easily enough, so we slid the strip down and then attempted to replace the handle.  It wouldn't slide on because the panel was 1/4 inch too wide.  I gently sawed off that little bit and voila!  We have a beautiful fridge finally.
sliding in the panel

Wednesday was another work day, and the back only hurt a little bit.  Michelle is feeling better.  Her Dr. (orthopedist) after examinations, etc. told her she had scoliosis.  Now she needs physical therapy to begin with, and then they'll see what's next.

Today was my second accupuncture appointment, and I got to go to sleep for 30 minutes this time.  The back is feeling even better. Gary's radiation continues and we think we see improvement.  He really wishes it was faster but we'll deal with it on a daily basis.  He is being so brave.

Now all we have left to fix is the washer/dryer. That will prove interesting since we don't know how to fix it. Time to make some phone calls to Splendide for some suggestions. They are very helpful and actually answer the phone!

I think we have made a plan for the summer, but as always, our plans are made in sand....

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  1. Finally got that fridge finished! And it does look good. Interesting hearing about the accupuncture.
    Love ALL your posts. Keep 'em up!