Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to Work

Thursday we drove down to Miami for a weekend visit with our son, Tristan.  Of course, we arrived in time for dinner - which was deliciously cooked by Tristan and his girlfriend, Tracy.  Mussels mariniere with roasted asparagus and tons of French bread to soak up all that juice!  Fabulous with a crispy white wine. 

Well, it sure went down well, but in the middle of the night, it decided to come up.  Yuck.  I was really sick all that night and all day on Friday.  Bummer.  But, on Saturday, I was fine and we went out for breakfast with Tracy because she and Tristan were going to the airport soon after.  Her sister is in Ecuador, and she was going to visit her during her spring break (Tracy is in graduate school at UM).  So we kissed them goodbye, and went exploring at the mall.  We met up with Tristan later and got some stuff to grill that night.  Tristan and I stayed up to 12:30 playing video games like we used to when we were "kids".  We love to figure out the puzzles together...

Anyhow, Sunday, after a Panera breakfast, we had to head home as we were taking the back roads, a longer time, but shorter distance.  The best part was driving through the orange groves and enjoying the orange blossom fragrance.  Oooh la la.  Lovely.

Monday was a work day at Michelle's and also radiation day.  We needed to leave a bit early to get to Gary's 3:30 appointment at Moffit.  Michelle was not feeling very well, and since it was spring break, she had four of the six at home.  She stayed in bed and we worked and babysat at the same time!  Amazingly I got a lot done. 

Tuesday I had just arrived at the laundromat with all our wash and sheets, when she called and said she needed to get to emergency.  Her Dr. had seen her that morning but didn't know what was wrong, but gave her a prescription for Celebrex.  Since then, she had chosen to take a bath and noticed red spots all over her legs which were tingling and numb.  So we drove back to St. Pete, and I took her to emergency around 5 pm, while Gary stayed with the kids.  To make a long story short, no one could determine what was wrong, so they admitted her for a neurologist and a infectious disease specialist to see her the next day.  Gary and I stayed overnight because a)  you know when you arrive at an ER, it's at least 5-6 hours till someone says you can go or you need to stay and b)  who would run the household/kids with Brian needing to get to work the next day?

The kids helped me clean (they think you are enjoying it, so they want to try it too) and we got even more stuff done.  Eventually Michelle got home Wed. evening around 9:30, kissed all the kids goodnight, and we discussed what happened.  It's still a mystery.

Gary began his treatments on his face on Thursday finally.  They have been tweaking his mask to make sure it's perfect.  That's OK with us!  He's very excited that they have begun, and expects to see immediate results.  That would be nice.

This morning, we left Michelle's around 10:30, and we stopped at IC Sharks on the way home for some fresh fish.  Well, now, this was a great market with fish just off the boat.  The hard part was choosing.  Gary got some tuna for sashimi, and I chose a Sheepshead.  They cut the head off, scaled it and cleaned it and we will grill it tomorrow.

I'm suffering with a little sciatica so I'm doing some exercises to help.  This is important because we are going to have a great Saturday on the RIVER with our friends Terri and John Shea.  Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!


  1. WOW, sounds like you two have a BUSY week! Hope all is well with your daughter.

    Enjoy your time on the River!!

    See you in a week or so:o))

  2. you certainly did have a busy busy week...enjoy your time with your friends....hope your daughter is ok...