Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working on our Getaway

Friday we left for St. Pete to do some outside work before potential buyers came to Michelle's house.  Just arriving at her street, we saw a HUGE branch of the Chestnut tree on the corner hanging onto the road.  Michelle was there on her phone calling the police.  Fortunately no one was under that branch - it would have seriously hurt anyone. 

Needing to rent a powerwasher, we headed over to HD to pick it up.  And by the time we returned, the three truck crew was working on that branch.  We spent an hour on powerwashing the patio stones and did some other cleaning and tidying, then had to head back to Moffit for another treatment.

Saturday was another beautiful day - no humidity yet, low 80s - and it was Girls' Club Day.  Jan made some quiches and Tollhouse cookies and her sister, Susan, made a delicious salad.  As usual, the wine and words flowed for hours with laughter sprinkled liberally throughout the evening.  So much fun.

Gary caught a movie and wandered through the new Walmart in our 'hood.  Even though I had had a few glasses (just 2) I drove home in the dark, as his eyes are getting better, but hurt with strong light.

Sunday was perfectly beautiful and we decided to head over to Universal thinking this would be probably the last time before we left.  It was not crowded, and we started our day by sharing a Cinnabon, then sharing a slice of pizza, then sharing an ice cream.  We didn't go on any rides at all, instead watched other people enjoying them.  We stayed an hour giggling at the children intentionally standing in the splash zone of the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride as the 'boat' plunges 85 feet down a waterfall and sends water 30 feet in all directions when it hits the river.  They were having a ball.  It was the unsuspecting guests that were the funniest of all when they got a direct hit just walking by.  Let it be known that WATER ON THE GROUND MEANS LOOK AROUND! 

Later we enjoyed some sushi before we joined the crowd and headed home in a sunny cloudless sky - driving directly west - get the picture?  I have only done a drive like that once before on our way to Atlanta with my daughter, Mandy.  I remember how difficult it was then, and this evening was only a little better because we turned north at our exit just before the sun hit the horizon.  As soon as we opened our door, a helicopter flew very low over our CG. 

And it returned again and again and again.  We think it must have needed more fuel, because that one disappeared and another showed up.  Around and around they flew, and people started grouping outside our door trying to guess what was happening.  One had a walkie talkie, one had a radio and all were looking up.  Finally they disappeared, and it was quiet.  The news that night revealed nothing.  A mystery...

Monday (another beautiful day) was an important day as we were seeing the Doctor in charge of Gary's radiation and he would be able to tell us the future!  Gary had his radiation first, and then we were asked to sit in a room, then another room, and finally a nurse came in, wrote down some stuff, and then the Doc came in.  He was pleased with the progress, was not going to extend treatment, so Gary will be done on Friday.  On Thursday, we will see him again to make sure, then made an appointment with the other Doctor to discuss follow-up treatment.  [Something that should have been done two years ago when he had full body radiation.] 

There is a ship's bell in the lobby donated by a former patient.  When a patient has had his last treatment, they get to ring the bell, and everyone applauds.  That happened yesterday to an elderly gentleman in a wheel chair, wrapped in a blanket, wearing a neck brace and IV, but he rang that bell, the applause of approximately 30 people began, and he smiled as he was pushed out the door.  Sweet.

Today (I'm sorry, another beautiful day) I was supposed to work, but I called my daughter to say that Gary couldn't see well enough to drive all the way back to Moffit and then be able to pick me up in St. Pete again.  His Doctor did say that he will need cataract surgery by the end of this decade because of the photon radiation.  At least cataract surgery is simple...

I defrosted the freezer, cleaned a little, paid for another week until we re-arrange our plans, and did a little wash.  Then we wandered over to LazyDays to check out their complimentary classes - especially their RV Driver Confidence Course.  I called and talked to Barney and was disappointed to hear him say that the next open slot was the end of May.  Well, that wouldn't work, as we really don't want to still be in Florida then.  Upon further investigation, he suggested that I show up with Gary on the 18th of April.  And we don't have to bring Bella, they have a 'class motorhome' we will use!  VERY excited.  I've been meaning to do this course since last year.  Perhaps now I will feel more in control and not so anxious sitting in that right seat.  Who knows - I might want to drive all the time!

We also checked out all the fun things in Camping World, but walked out empty handed!  Wow.  Saved a few pennies there!

Thanks for joining our daily adventures!

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