Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aaaahhhh, The Masked Man

Sunday was a relaxing day - I even got a few levels completed on Indiana Jones, the Lego Version.  Hey, I have to practice for whenever the kids arrive, eh?

Monday was a work day, and we took a new route to St. Pete avoiding the Howard Frankland Bridge and instead took the Gandy Bridge.  No traffic, and we were there in 38 minutes!  We also passed a business we are interested in visiting - IC Sharks Marina and Seafood.  There it was, just on the left over the bridge.  We will stop there one day to get some blue crabs and sushi fish.

At 3 pm Gary had his appointment with the radiologist to get fitted for his bolus.  A few other radiologists and 'coats' came in to see Gary's condition.  He is one of the first that will undergo this treatment so close to his eyes, and they were all exchanging ideas.  He will wear lead contacts and this mask while the scanner rotates around him and his bed moves through the hole of the scanner.  There is a CT scan taken just before each treatment to verify the direction of the radiation.  He begins on Tuesday and has 13-14 treatments.  We can't wait to see how it turns out. 

Tuesday he had another appointment to be fitted for the same type of bolus for his hand and his lower arm.  I waited outside reading Martha Stewart's Living.  It's funny how the stuff in there just doesn't apply to my life anymore.  Looking back at the way my life has run its course gives me a laugh.  Never would I have planned it that way, but never would want to change it either. [However, I think  I'll come back as a bird in my next life.]

Wednesday was a work day, and we took another route that was really pleasant.  We're going to try to stay off those pesky highways.  Tonight on the way home, Gary missed our exit because traffic was so bad.  Well then, we will take all back roads.  So there.

Tomorrow is Gary's last PUVA treatment, and then we're taking a little trip!  My son, Tristan, lives in Miami, but is moving to New York in April.  We would love to see him one more time, so will head down there tomorrow after PUVA for the weekend.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, and be up on the blog again next week. 

BTW, don't forget about jumping an hour into spring on Sat nite.  Have a great weekend!


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  2. Sorry didn't mean to delete it..

    Just said, Have a great time with your son!!

    We hope the masked man gets some wonderful result from this new treatment:o)