Friday, December 16, 2011

Singing the Blues Instead of Christmas Carols

Today we were expecting a mobile RV repair truck to come and discover what's wrong with Bella.  Even though we drained some fluid from the water/fuel separator, John changed the filter and everything.  (Fortunately we had purchased a filter from our Camp Freightliner class as a spare).  That didn't work.  He left and came back 30 minutes later with a diagnostic tool.  After everyone in the place listening to Bella's coughing and sputtering while he played with his tool for 10 minutes, he still didn't know the answer.  "I suggest you take her to Freighliner or Caterpillar.  I think it's blahblahblah, but that didn't register and sometimes it won't on these meters.  You should be OK to drive it there."  Holy cow.  Lots of moolah for that visit.

So we went inside and Gary made an appointment with Freightliner in Tampa for next Tuesday.   

We were free to go, so stopped by Best Buy to pick up our 'fixed' computer, stopped at storage to throw more stuff in, then on to Florida Cancer Center for Gary's shot.  His poor little wing is still 'broken', so he looks pitiful sometimes.  But he is very brave and tolerating the pain.  We're just hoping this new medication works quickly.

Since our computer is actually working at the moment, here are the pictures I promised you:
Banana Coffee Meringue Pie

I am now working on my dinosaur IBM laptop to get this posted.  

Wednesday was another appointment day with Doctors, banks and getting the Jeep washed.  She finally is rid of all Pigeon Forge mud.  I forgot she was black.
It continues to be beautiful weather in the 80s and the weatherman says to expect Christmas Day to be around 80 too.  Even though we've decorated a little bit, and I've bought and wrapped gifts, it still feels weird to have Christmas so warm.  Don't get me wrong, I love the heat!  But for one day, I'd like it to snow and that would be Christmas Day.  Of course, the southern hemisphere has never known it any differently, so snowy Christmas scenes and movies must seem totally foreign to them.  Anyway, I like it warm and sunny every other day, so we'll just go with the flow.

Yesterday we were supposed to see a specialist in Tampa, but he had to reschedule, so we were able to watch our grandson's, Lance, holiday performance until the end.  It was so cute (he's in 5th grade), and that age is always so entertaining.  Some were shy and barely sang, while others bellied up to the microphone and sang as loud as possible.  Adorable.  I have pictures of that, but I downloaded them in a moment of cooperation onto the 'fixed' computer, formatted the card, and immediately the computer went down again.  

Today was Gary's chemo treatment and I did the wash, ran out of quarters, so hung it all up on the washlines.  We went about our business, visiting Walmart for prescriptions, Sandy's to pick up delivered medicine and Best Buy to make an appointment for the Geek Squad to come and fix the computer at at the coach.  It apparently works fine at the store, but not here, so we can't figure it out.  It's probably the monitor or something.  (the wash smells so good)

We still want to see some more friends here, so called up John and Terri Shea to make a date with them.  Yippee skippee - we're going kayaking with them on Sunday!  Finally some play time. Gary won't be able to paddle per Dr.'s warning, so John offered to boat with him and we girls will do our own paddling.  It promises to be a wonderful day!

Hope you are enjoying every day as much as we are.  We're still looking for that silver's around here somewhere...


  1. so nice that you got to see Lance's whole on the computer working at the store and not at the coach..I sure hope you have a a good safe drive to Tampa with Bella and they get her all sorted out...Hope Gary's arm feels better soon..and enjoy the play date in the water!!! There is a silver lining-It might be just around the next corner my dear!!!

  2. Please, Please, Please hang on to that warm weather for us. The last two Januarys were very cold for our visit to Florida;o(( We are hoping for just a nice, normal warm Florida January ;o))

    Hope everything gets fixed quickly and correctly....especially Gary's broken wing!!!

    Have fun on the water and please share the trip with us.