Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T-shirts and Flip Flops!

Saturday morning I woke up at 7 am and was raring to go. Gary did a great job of driving yesterday and didn't get a nap, so I tried to be quiet for a while longer. wriggles around around too much, and he woke up. We smiled at each other and said "let's go all the way!". Ooops, that came out wrong. All the way to Sarasota, that is. We got ready quickly, but the slide didn't want to go in again! Holy cow. Then I remembered that to get the slide in last time, the jacks had to be up. That worked, but I don't like this method very much. We will have it checked out at Independence RV next week.

Anyhow, we were pulling onto 75 by 9:30 and it was a beautiful day for driving - very little traffic and cloudy but dry and no rain in the forecast. Our only stops were for diesel and the Florida welcome center for lunch. It got warmer and warmer the as we got to familiar landmarks until at 5:00 exactly we pulled into Pleasant Lake RV Park in Bradenton. Ken showed us to our spot facing the lake and we dropped anchor. We hooked up, put out the awning and relaxed on our patio.

Monday we needed to get our licenses renewed. We grabbed all the documents we needed, threw the processor in the Jeep and drove downtown to have a bagel breakfast, then have our photos taken. We had tried to renew on line, but got stuck with 'address'. They needed both our mailing address and our tax ID address. So, we decided to get it done correctly, and see them in person. We also renewed our coach registration, so are all set for another year

We stopped by our friends to pick up the mail, then went to our house where we were lucky both Karen and Dennis were there, hugs all around, then they showed us all the new appliances, and the new color of the bedroom with new furniture. We are so lucky we have great renters that love our house and take care of it. We need to powerwash the roof and sidewalks, and fix a couple of soft windowsills. We'll be back later after we get some supplies.

I decided that I'd do a load of wash in our coach so guess what? The washer worked fine, but the clothes didn't dry. Oh well. We are waiting for everything to break before next Tuesday and at this rate everything probably will. Gotta laugh.

Tuesday we needed to be at Gary's oncologist by 10:30 so we loaded up the Jeep with some things we will leave in storage. Gary was very nervous, and the Dr. Was concerned enough to want him to see a 'genius' at Moffit next week. Gary is really looking so much better, but still his eyes bother him, so she wanted to see if this Dr. had any ideas.

She also wants him to continue his treatments, so this means we will be in Florida for a couple of weeks. He got a shot, a little blood drawn, got a new appointment and we headed out for lunch. Mesa (our Jeep) had a spa appointment after lunch and she got new wipers and fluids for a song. Well, more like an operetta. After that, we headed to our storage units to transfer in and out, then the new Walmart that has been under construction for the last two years (and is very nice because now it is a super center) for groceries, and got home where I wrestled with the new refrigerator shelves repositioning them to my liking. I miss my old fridge... Still we had time to sit out under our awning with cool drinks (after all, it was 81 degrees) and say hi to some neighbors.

I made some Italian sausages for dinner, then started revving up my old IBM. I swear it's only because I bragged at Best buy yesterday that my old IBM still works fine that she just crashed. Can you believe this????? So I'm laboriously typing with two fingers on my iPad tonight.

Tomorrow we both have regular appointments with our GP early, then I will take my camera in to be cleaned. I MUST come back to start on wash which can't fit in the wash basket anymore while Gary gets his second shot of Neuprogen, then I think we have a couple minutes to get supplies for fixing up the house.

Whew. It's all fun, really it is. No, really. We are enjoying every minute because we are doing this together in a unique and wonderful lifestyle. We are truly blessed.


  1. Glad to know you have arrived in WARM Florida safe and sound!! Can't believe all the things that are deciding to breakdown;o((

    But attitude is have a choice!!

    I am interested to know what you mean by "Getting Your Camera Cleaned." Is that something that needs to be done regularly??

  2. you are definitely blessed and I'm so happy to see that your having fun while doing glad you have great tenants sure makes it easier. I'm assuming you are cleaning off your camera chip??? have a great week...