Friday, December 9, 2011

Still More Appointments

Wednesday was GP day, a day we love because we get hugs from our Dr. and Nurse. I was fine, just needed orders for a mammo and bone density test. Gary got a new prescription for his Crestor, and we said goodbye for a while. Our nurse, Yolanda, follows our blog and wishes she will be able to have the opportunity to sample this lifestyle someday, too.

We stopped at Wolfe Camera to see about cleaning my Canon RebelXTi as the shutter sometimes sticks and once in a while I have to tap it to get it to come on. It is about 5 years young, and I love it, so I thought I could get it cleaned. But that is not really an option unless I can see dark spots on my photos (which I don't), and as most newer cameras are sealed, it would be in the neighborhood of $200-300 to mess with one. So, we thought not, and saved some money today. Gary had another Neupogen shot, and I cleaned the coach from top to bottom. Ahhh, that feels good.

Thursday I had an eye doctor appointment to see what I could see. I'm testing a new brand of contacts for a week. Then we stopped in at our friend's to check the refrigerator door panels that Three Way Campers had forwarded. They were in good shape, so we will take them on Monday to Independence RV for installation and store our wood panels. We made it home just before the wind and rain came and went quickly. It brought in some cooler air and tomorrow will be a cooler day at 68 degrees. Poor us.

Friday was a little cloudy to begin but warmed up to 77 with fluffy clouds. Perfect weather for having a bagel at Panera on the patio and to get my hair cut. It's always great to see my stylist. When you find a good one it's like finding gold. She makes me feel great when I walk out the door.

We stopped at Total Wine to find my favorite cheap wine, a Beringer Chenin Blanc. It's light and fruity, but not sweet and a great price. Tomorrow is Girls Club, a bunch of us neighborhood girls getting together at each other's homes each month for dinner and chatting. Only half of us live in the neighborhood now, so it makes it so much more interesting to catch up with each other. We have been taking turns now for 6 years, and it's really special for us to be here at Christmas again this year. Gary always takes a group photo, which I will post if I ever get my computer back from Best Buy. But they must have found something, or like the last two times, they would have called to say they couldn't find anything.

Gary needed an infusion, so we headed over to the center where we met Heather, his nurse for the next couple of visits. The room was full of people hooked up to tubes and beeping monitors slowly dripping poison into veins. But everyone was awake and cheerful, chatting with each other. Gary had a private room in Tennessee because he could control the lights, but his eyes are so much better that he didn't have a problem in this big room, and we enjoyed being around others. An hour later we were walking out to dark skies to the east. Soon after we returned home, we had a little sprinkle, but it promises to be back to paradise tomorrow!

Another day living life as we love it (almost). We would only change one thing and we're working on changing that as hard as possible.


  1. way to go to you both..looks like you had a pretty good day...glad your living life as you love it...I follow your blogs daily...enjoy paradise :)

  2. Thanks for the explanation of why you needed a camera cleaning. Wasn't sure if that was something that should be done annually of what!?!?!

    Well, you sure have accomplish a lot in a few days!!

    You just sound HAPPY :o))