Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look - We're on Water!

It took a little convincing, and a definite ‘it will be fine’ from Jim, our camphost at Hidden Lake to get Gary on board for taking the Galveston Ferry from Bolivar Point to Galveston.  The road to the dock was simple on Rte 124, an uncrowded six lane down to the island.  Can’t miss the boarding ramp, even though it was a little drizzly and windy. 
 A gentleman turned off our propane tank and we got in line.  The ferry was unloading, and then it was our turn.  It was going to be a little tight, but a little Vaseline helped us slip in between cars on the left and right. 
Again, a gentleman guided us right up to the front on the left side.  Ta da.  We jumped out to see the dolphins and gulls.  White pelicans were on the left along with a couple huge ships.

   The whole trip was 20 minutes long and we were the fourth off the boat.  Who could believe you could put a motorhome on a boat, and go across the bay for free!

We made our way north toward Houston, but turned left onto Rte. 6 that bypassed the outer loop and headed us in a southerly direction where we put up for the night in Ganado.

We haven’t seen the sun since we left Florida and it’s been getting colder and colder.  Sure hope this Canadian air blows outta here soon – I miss my flip flops!

Wednesday I actually thought was Thursday, and we headed out before I knew it.  Duh.  This is what this life is like.  So we stayed at Shady Oaks two nights.  Rain again and cold. 

Donna and Ron were having trouble with construction, a fender bender, traffic and was way behind schedule.  So we hung out at a rest area for a little while until we got the call to head to exit 83 towards the town of Peggy!  Ha. 

Just as we got to the exit we saw them coming south and exiting too.  We pulled into the Gate Guard office and gave hugs all around.

Just in time, we hustled into the office and met Diane to put in our request to guard at a double gate if at all possible.  We'll see how that works out.  She told us to pull around the building to park for the night.  We did and left for Pleasanton for dinner at Chile's enjoying the twofer. 
Gary's first Texas beer
Things are far apart down this part of Texas.  So we got up early and headed out on Hwy 37 towards Corpus Christie.  We didn't go far at all when we noticed white smoke and the smell of burning rubber from Ron's fiver on the left side.  I called to tell them to pull over.  Ron took a look and discovered the his two tires (double axel) were touching thus the burn smell.  Underneath, the spring bolt had sheered off and the metal was bent.  Well, we thought we were done for, but Ron got out his tools, got underneath the rig (which was tilting on the left jacks about 105 degree angle and giving Donna and me in Bella heart attacks everytime a truck rode by pushing it around) and fixed it in about 45 minutes!!!  Miracle worker!  He had to bend that metal piece straight and put a new bolt in it.  And he did it!  And Gary helped.

We continued on our way in the drizzle and cold until we made it to SPI.  Hurray!  We checked in, got to our spots and turned off the engines.  Home for the next six weeks!

We have a beautiful view of the marina about 50 yards away to our right and Laguna Madre straight ahead.  
Our first sunset from our front window
Sunday we decided to go to the DonWes flea market, and it was great!  Cold and windy in the morning, but it got up to 56 with a little sunshine in the afternoon.  Live music in the lunch room, and Gary got a black cowyboy hat (for winter) and a couple of other little finds. 

Monday it got up to 64 and was sunny in the morning when we washed the Jeep and bikes.  We should have taken a before and after picture.  I didn't even recognize Mesa under all that dirt.  But she cleaned up pretty and so did the bikes.  Bella is still filthy, so no picture of our spot yet.  A storm front is approaching for Tuesday overnight, but by noon Wednesday, it should be sunny and 78!  Yay!  Flip flops!

After lunch we drove to Harlingen to Hobby Lobby for fabric, and the boys went to Big Lots for a new hose sprayer handle thingy.  We stopped at Walmart to see if we could get flu shots, but only Walgreens has them now.  We'll go tomorrow.  Picked up bread and water (the water is not good down here), and went out to dinner at Louie's Backyard for fajitas and margaritas.  Very good!  Now, it just needs to get a little warmer and sunnier and then it will be the kind of winter we like!


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  1. Yeah! Welcome to Texas! OK, so how far are you from Corpus Christi? I'm trying to figure out where you are in relation to where we are :)Still hoping we can meet half way somewhere.