Friday, January 18, 2013

This Week in SPI

Monday was rainy, cold and windy, so we decided to go see a movie.  We had a choice of Lincoln, Parental Guidance and Guilt Trip.  We wanted an upbeat film, and Guilt Trip starred Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan, so we chose that.  It was entertaining, and had a great ending. Basically, it reminded one that mothers are people, too, not just mothers.  I recommend it.

Still rainy and ugly when we came out of the building, so we headed back to the rigs for some Shepherd's Pie/stew I had made. 

Tuesday, Donna and Ron decided to stay in their rig and recuperate.  They've been having an awful time with coughing, medications not working well, and were really exhausted.  Just as we were about to leave, the power went off.  Someone said it was all over the island.  Someone else said it was just part of the island.  So we took a chance and headed over to BaddaBing Bagels in the middle of the island. They had power and we discovered that the north and south of the island and portions of Port Isabelle - on the north and south end of the island and part of Port Isabelle (over the bridge) did not have power! So we had a very nice conversation with a new restaurant owner and a couple who have been coming to SPI for 10 years.  So far, our adventures have all been about food!

It was another cold, blustery day, but I needed some more trim for my curtains, so Gary and I drove up to Harlingen to Hobby Lobby.  It's a good thing Gary likes to 'shop' because I spent about an hour in there [and went back again before we left for home].  But we had a good day hanging out together.

Later, in bed, we noticed that we could hear eachother!  The wind had died down to a low breeze.  I can understand why people in California have a difficult time with the Santa Ana winds.  It really gets on your nerves. 

Wednesday we woke to clouds and sun and a breeze.  It made it up to 66 degrees in the afternoon, where we joined the Winter Texans for Happy Hour.  It's a nice group of people, some from Canada.  In fact, Eddie's wife, in Sudbury, had just won over $25,000 in a penny slot machine!  It's a good thing she didn't come down with Eddie.  We sat around trying to come up with ideas for spending it!

Thursday we went down to Brownsville for the first time.  We found a Denny's for breakfast and looked around.  We did find Michael's where we got some ingredients for crafts we will be doing later.  I wasn't feeling that well, and after dinner at Donna's, we soon called it a night, where I climbed into bed with a small fever.  Been fighting something ever since flu shot, so I blame it on that.

I slept on and off all night, and this morning didn't feel up to going to a show with Donna and Ron and their friends Claire and Dave.  It's a beautiful day - finally - Gary continued to wash Bella, while I lounged around inside, even starting on the taxes.  Tonight is shrimp night, so I'd better buck up!

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