Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Yeeha!

We made it to Texas!!  Last week we decided to leave a day early on Friday to give us some rest along the way somewhere as solid rain was forecast early in the week.  No problem.  Fastened the bike rack on the front of the Jeep, added bikes, hitched up the Jeep (no light showing Friday) and off we went. 

Two days later we were still in Florida, but then crossed over Alabama, Mississippi and into Louisiana on the third day.  Started feeling like we're getting some where. Road good: dry, cloudy days, stopped at rest areas for lunch and breaks.  Until we get to Louisiana.  The Achafalaya Basin Bridge is 29.3 km (18.2 mi.) and connects Baton Rouge with Lafayette over swamp, streams and lakes.  After exiting that bridge the road was as I remembered it almost 3 years ago when, two days after we purchased Bella and were driving home to Sarasota, I remarked that we would try to avoid Rte 10 at all costs in the future.  But it was a no brainer.  We HAD to go this way, and it was just as bad (or worse) than I remembered.  It was so bumpy, gutted and holey I really thought the TV was going to fall off the ceiling onto Gary.  Of course, he took that as an opportunity to remark that an HD TV wouldn't hurt as much as our analog Sony. [but it still works; someday, sweetie, I promise].

Over the Mighty Mississippi:

What do you think the grade is on this bridge?

And my happy cowboy driver!

We stayed in RV Parks just off the highway and found them easily by a new free app on our iPad:  You will love it.  Pick a place on the interactive map and it pins all their RVParks around that spot with a list to the right.  Touch the pin and it brings up the info on the park. touch the name of the park in the list and it brings up all kinds of info. I also check RVparkreviews to see what that says.  Then I check the website and Passport America (as we're members).  Every one has been at least satisfactory and most above.  Check it out!  It's free!

This is a picture out our window of our stay in Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, LA.  A little pricey for us, but I got a Good Sam discount.  We also got propane here.  Very nice park. 

Tonight we made it into Texas and are resting tomorrow as it will be pouring all day.  The next day we have something fun planned.  So stay tuned.

In the mean time, have fun tonight.  I've been to Times Square many years ago and it was as fun as it looks on TV, but not interested anymore.  I think I'll just cozy up with my honey and watch it all until we fall asleep.  Hard day driving, so it might be before 12 midnight.  Infact, I can probably guarantee it.

Happy New Year, everyone!