Monday, January 14, 2013

Enjoying Texas

This morning Gary and I got our flu shot at Walgreens, while Donna and Ron spent the day going between the Doctor's and drugstores.  They both have a touch of pnemonia and are taking lots of drugs.  If the sun would come out and it would get warmer, it might help us all feel better...

Later that night we had some yummy chile at Donna's.

Gary and I headed to the bank to sign our closing papers and Friday is closing day.  Hooray!
We went to Louie's Backyard for bargain night with wings - delicious and only .25 each!  Free sides, too.  Rain and cold and windy.

The sun came out on Thursday and it reached 68 degrees!  Still very breezy, but Louie's ribs made up for it.  Great price, too.

Friday we headed to the RV show in Harlingen.  Donna and Ron talked to the owner about their Excel.
Apparently the show was smaller than other years.  No motorhomes, mostly trailers and park models.  However, that night we went to Papa's for all you can eat fried shrimp. 
We ended up eating 71 shrimp between us.  I have never had such sweet tender fresh shrimp ever.  This will be our Friday night dinner for the duration of our stay here. 
Saturday it was cold and windy again, so we went up island to Market Days at the Convention Center.  It was a lot of jewelry and stuff.  That took about an hour, so we decided to drive north on the island and suddenly made a decision to go off road onto the beach and try out our 4-wheel drive.   

Sunday morning was hideously ugly outside, rainy, winds at 25-30 mph and 48 degrees.  Time for some warm food.  Manuels' has 22 inch tortillas filled with anything you'd like.  We waited about 10 minutes for a table and ordered.  We chose eggs, chorizo, guacamole and s. cream.  We shared, of course, and it was fabulous!  That'll be a Sunday morning ritual!  Since I sewed our new curtains for the bedroom, we ate out at Joe's Oyster Bar.  The boys had 15 fried oysters for $6.00 and Donna and I had three huge flounder filets for $7.  I tell you, it's cheap to eat down here! 

Even though it was horrible weather all day, we did get a sunset. 
 Life is still good!

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  1. Life is definitely good..congrats on the closing date..