Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos

Back to my old self again, and Saturday dawned with a beautiful sun and a little breeze.  Ron washed the top of his trailer while Donna, Gary and I got our bikes ready for a ride.  While we were doing that, a car stopped and said hi.  It was Dave and Arlene whom we had met back in 2010 in Virginia.  They are in Port Aransas and had driven all the way down to see us!  We pulled chairs around, made introductions to Donna and Ron and chatted for a couple hours.

Last year we met about this time in Florida where we met at Lake Placid spending the day enjoying the murals painted on assorted buildings.  Their plans this summer include a trip with a few other couples to Alaska, and they kindly asked us to go along. We have been talking about it every day.  So we'll see after our gate guarding deal. 

We said temporary goodbyes until we meet again.  Friends make this whole experience so wonderful!


Later that evening, after a beautiful sunset we headed over to the Recreation Center and enjoyed a family singing group called Lindley Creek comprised of the Greer family, mom, dad, son (17) and daughter (15).  A little bluegrass, gospel and popular tunes made the evening very enjoyable!  And the trip to DQ afterwards made it even a more enjoyable day.

Sunday was my birthday and after a morning of bagels, we decided to go to Mexico!  It was about 50 miles to Nuevo Progresso at the border.  This was the safest spot for tourists to visit. 

We parked for $2 on the US side and walked over the pedestrian bridge.  All we carried was our passports, cash and a shopping bag.

Over the Rio Grande
In the far distance on the horizon to the right of the river you might be able to see the tall fence on the border.

Basically you walk down one side of the street past vendors selling all kinds of jewelry, purses, and souvenirs.  The shops are like grocery stores, with just as much stuff as on the sidewalks.  All I was looking for was some Mexican candy for our grands' Valentine's Day treats.  That mission accomplished, we breezed past dentists, mani-pedi shops, hair salons and pharmacies.  Many people have recommended dentists here for their good work and better prices.  At the RV-Dreams rally, there was a list of recommended offices for dental work.  We are due for a cleaning, so maybe we'll return.  You have to wait for that, and can't make an appointment, so maybe Sunday would be a good day.

It was time for some real Mexican food, and Arturo's was suggested by Donna and Ron.  Waiters in black tie met you at the door and sat you at linen covered tables.  The water was from the Culligan Man, so it was safe to drink.  However, Donna and I had Margaritas.  Whoa!  They were so sour we had to put a package of Splenda in our glass.  And talk about strong.  Well, we ate great and felt good, and almost left a $50 tip.  Caught that in time. 
Arturo's Mexican Especiale
We walked out into sunshine again and finished each side of the street.  [You didn't venture off the main track].  We saw some sad signs of extreme poverty, but mostly everyone looked bored.

Soon it was time to head home.  We joined the customs/immigration line which took about 10 minutes.  I was hoping for a stamp in our passports, but alas, no.  He didn't even notice it was my birthday.  On the US side, we stopped for a bite of ice cream to clear the dust from our throats, and then we piled into the truck for the ride back.

I'm still looking for another javelina.  I saw one with a baby on a ride somewhere, but didn't know it was a javelina.  I thought it was just a pig.   We have seen longhorns, great-tailed grackles which make the oddest sounds, plenty of gulls (being on the island), and some birds I can't identify.  They look like young red-winged blackbirds, but I couldn't find them in a book.  Maybe someone can id them?

At home we arrived just in time for another lovely sunset.

It's a good life.


  1. Happy Birthday, Peggy!!! Looks like you had a fine day:o))

  2. A late Happy Birthday Peggy! We made many life time friends while we were traveling. Last summer one couple stayed in our Mobile Home Park while they were doing their yearly DR appointments. So nice to have them for a whole month.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Nice way to celebrate your day, and your birthday dinner looks awesome!