Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming Home

The forecast was for storms coming up from the south west today up and down the west coast.  But it was dry when I left for St. Pete for my couple of hours with the grands.  It started raining lightly at Rte 275 but when I got to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the heavens opened and it rained so hard it was hard to see.  It never stopped raining, although it eased up a bit.  Turning on to Michelle's main road, the water was up to my hubs and over the curbs like a lake.  I was literally wading through water (just what the Weathermen say NOT to do).  But, hey, I'm in a Jeep, right?  Made it, no problem.

We all played Monopoly and did well until the 5 year old decided he was bored.  Then we played puzzles, then chess, then back to Monopoly.  Then dad came home and I was on my way to the hospital to see if my hubby was allowed to escape.  Yep, he was up and unhooked from everything.  We just needed the last OK from Dr. V, and we could leave.  Of course, that took 2 hours, so I ended up grabbing a salad from the cafeteria and Gary had some jello, soup and pudding.  Meanwhile I was making up a list of 'soft foods' that he could eat for two weeks. 

The rain had mostly cleared up, and we only got some sprinkles on the way home.  I tucked him in, and went to Walmart to get the food on my list.  It's been a long time since I've bought baby food...

At 2:30 he needed a little medication for the pain, but after I mashed up a pill and gave it to him in applesauce, he slept fine.  Saturday we hung around close to home.  Here's a little stowaway:

Sunday was pretty and very warm.  A couple weeks back I had ordered an awning shade advertised on RV  A special offer for a black 20x8 shade with 4 spiral tiedown stakes, 4 ball bungees, 4 patio stakes, and 7 patio light holders for $39.00.  I had to pay shipping for $22.00, but it was still cheaper than Camping World with all the accessories and larger, too.  It was delivered Wednesday and today we went to pick it up from our friend.   Here we are putting it together and it was EASY! 

sliding in the s-hook clips

screwing in the anchors

We probably won't leave it up all day as we're supposed to get 20 mph winds, but it really helps keep it cool under there.  It's so large (20 feet) that it covers our chairs and picnic table, too.  Neat!

Well, time for bed.  Thanks for checking up on us!


  1. We also have a sun shade and they definitely make a major are much braver than me to drive the Sunshine Bridge alone...I've done it but it was hard because all I wanted to do was shut my eyes...glad Gary is doing well...sending tons of prayers your way folks...

  2. Glad to see Gary home and up and about:o)) The sun screen is fabulous. We wanted something like that, but our awning is really high off the ground. So we went with a screen room tent instead. I would think Gary gets to live on ICE CREAM for a while;o)))

  3. Love your sunscreen! I think we need something like that!