Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Time

It has been seven months since we/ve seen our Raleigh family, so it was a joyful reunion on Saturday and we spent all day with them doing this and that.  Mostly the kids (Jack, 8 and Ainsley 4) wanted to show us stuff - their toys, projects and school things. 

Sunday was a busy, busy day.  We were up and out of our site by 8:30 to have breakfast with the family before driving to Dunn (45 minutes away) for church where Gary's mom grew up.  She now lives with our daughter in Raleigh, so it's really special for her to see her old friends every once in a while.  It is Gary's brother's birthday on Tuesday, so we met him and his daughter for lunch at Western Sizzlin.  More catching up to do among plates and plates of food.

When we got home, we took Jack with us back to our site where he hung out with us on our own private beach and tried a little fishing.  No luck.  Mom and sister arrived shortly after and we all went into the water
When the kids got tired of the water, Poppy took them fishing off the deck:

Let's go, Poppy!

Not a nibble.  By then we were all starved, so we rigged up a pot of hot water on Gary's homemade burner for some spaghetti.
Well, the spaghetti slipped down pretty quickly, and the kids were off exploring again.  I should have half that amount of energy!  The state park locks up at 9, so before long, we were gathering all the toys and stuff so they could get out in time. 

Tomorrow we need to look for shoes, and the kids have Vacation Bible School.  More fun!

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  1. how nice that your getting some visiting time with the family....the kids are sure are having busy days..