Friday, June 22, 2012

Still Moving North

Wednesday we left around 9:30 and made good time to our small, sweet Colleton SP in SC, although they really need to repave the south end of I 95.  This will be the third time we were here.  Our first was on the way to the RV Dreams Rally in Longview and we had been full timing 4 days.  I'll never forget that after our Edisto River trip we were cleaning our SeaEagle, and who comes around the corner, but Howard Payne (of RV-Dreams)!  He was checking out the park, noticed our boat and walked over.  They had wanted to stay there, too,  but they don't make reservations (and I do), so it was full up.  They ended up staying across the street and having dinner with us.  So it's with fond memories, along with our favorite Ranger, Larry, that we love this park.  It is very tight for a 40' motorhome, and the first stay, I got out and walked Gary all the way to the spot.  But, now he has no trouble at all. 

Thursday was gorgeous and I sat outside and read an entire book.  That will be the last day I will have to do absolutely nothing for about four months.  So I took advantage of it.

We never sleep too well on a pre-travel evening, but the windows were open, the crickets were chirping, no street lights and a cool breeze.  Well, rock-a-bye-baby...  snooore...


Still good weather up the coast, but expecting scattered thunderstorms in NC.  Halfway there we passed South of the Border.  Stopped there once a long time ago.  Everyone needs to stop there, but once will probably be enough. 

Saw the clouds building and we hoped we'd make it in time.   It was not such a great drive today.  First of all, it was going to be hot, and then our LP detector alarm sounded, but I got that off.  Then a dash alarm sounded, and the engine temp was climbing.  We turned off the dash A/C, and it cooled right down.  Fortunately we knew where we were going, because then my MiFi quit, and I talked to Verizon while Gary was making all the right turns.  Got that working again, pulled into the Rollingview CG just as the first thunder sounded.  Because of you, Nancy and Bill, we made a reservation for spot B18 and LOVE IT!  If I roll out of bed in the morning and down the hill, I'd end up in the lake!

We set up hearing thunder in the distance and the heat was oppressive, so I wandered down the path to the lake and  - jumped in!

Yep, I was that hot.  The water was wonderful, but there were those clouds and thunder, so I had to get out.  I had certainly cooled off, though!

Dinner was serenaded by a gentle rain while the rest of the area had severe warnings. 

I think we'll sleep really well tonight.


  1. And thank you for helping these old eyes :) I really appreciate your removing the word verification thingy. Thanks!

  2. Glad we could be of help;o)) Great Photo!!

    Sorry we couldn't meet you along the way;o((

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  4. Wow! Posting was much easier to do this time! Thanks for suggesting the change, Gail!

  5. Love the cool down! 16 more days until the fun begins! Well, I guess we'll have a little work now and then, too....but fun, fun, fun!

    I hate when I make a mistake and don't notice it until after I've posted! I removed my first post to edit it because I had the countdown wrong. (I wish Google would give us an edit button)!

  6. excellent way to cool down...nice to see you having fun :)....