Friday, February 4, 2011

New Friends

We woke up to fog which quickly cleared away and the temp rose to 79 degrees.
Sorry everyone up north…

Gary did a little research for a nearby library that had the dreaded tax forms. There was one in Kissimmee not far away, and after lunch we headed over. Remember I mentioned the Monument of States in a previous post. Well, we found it next to the library.
It was really unique and we enjoyed walking around it commenting on the great distances some of these items traveled.

Every person that contributed a bag of cement had their name impressed on the sidewalk, and there is a time capsule that will be opened in 2043.
It would be cool to see that day.

We picked up lots of tax forms and when we arrived home, Donna and Ron introduced us to their friends Linda and Jim from Illinois that just happened into our RV park. We spent the afternoon chatting and munching, but Donna and Ron had to go to work. Ron works in the Christmas Store, and Donna was working at Goofy’s Candy store this time. Here they are in their outfits with Jim and Linda.
Donna and Ron left and Linda and Jim and we decided we’d have our dinner and get together at their rig afterwards for games. They have a pretty HitchHiker fifth wheel – their second rig as disaster hit their first. They were working at Loew’s Speedway in NC and were told to park near a creek. Well, the creek flooded while they were at dinner with the boss one evening, and when they went back to their rig, it was under water. Sheesh. They were not happy campers. But insurance replaced everything, and they are on the road again. The moral: never give up.

We had a fun evening learning “oh, heck” but really talked and had some of Linda’s fabulous bourbon cake. Delicious! This is what I love about camping. Instant friends! We finally called it a night around 10 pm, and planned a Grill Night for Thursday. Thanks, Linda and Jim!

Friday morning we started on our taxes, I finished our sign and I did some wash and cleaning. The Big Grill was at our place, and we were all having steaks. Gary was the grill man.
We had salad, baked potatoes, broccoli, beans, mushrooms, onions and brownies a la mode for dessert. Good thing I walk two miles a day.
Then it was time for music. Donna has a dulcimer and Gary and Ron have guitars.
We had a ball playing together until 11 pm.
I hope we didn’t keep people awake. We woke up a possum that crossed the road, but I didn’t get a picture of him as I was playing the dulcimer for the first time. It was FUN! Donna is a good teacher and I picked it up right away!

Unfortunately, Jim and Linda are leaving tomorrow for Myrtle Beach, SC, but we enjoyed their visit, exchanged info, and will say goodbye in the morning.

It was a great couple of days meeting new friends. That’s what I love!


  1. We had such a good time meeting you guys and miss you already.