Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends Go and Friends Come

Friday morning, we went over to Jim and Linda’s fiver and hung out there looking at pictures and talking which is something RVers do SO well. Around 12:30, we realized they needed to pack up and head out, so we gave hugs and goodbyes with promises to see each other again someday. Ron and Donna and we wanted to look at another less expensive site nearby and when we were leaving, we saw the alligator sunning on the island. We were a car behind Linda and Jim’s rig and Donna knew they wanted a picture of an alligator for their kids. Donna jumped out and ran up to their moving rig trying to catch them waving her arms for them to stop. They did. Everyone stopped to get out and see the alligator. He’s a big deal here, especially since he hasn’t been seen for a couple of months. It’s probably been so cold, he buries in the mud near the water line and only his nose sticks up to breath.

We continued on to check out a place that another Disney worker mentioned to Ron where they were parked. We found it and it wasn’t easy. It was a small park behind a building right off Rte. 27. There were mobile homes parked down each side of the park, and a grassy area with 5 hookup posts down the middle of the park ending at a lake. We got out and talked about arrangements that would work when the couple who had mentioned it came from their Class A and helped us figure out how, when, etc. The owner of the park does not live there, so we decided to call him when we got back. Meanwhile, Gary and I were only going to be there about 6 weeks and the difference was a little substantial, but the site would not have been as nice or easy to exit as the one we were in now. I suggested asking our present park owner if he would give us a break, and he did, so we are staying put. YAY.

Saturday we had breakfast at Panera and stopped at the grocery store for supplies for our SUPERBOWL PARTY tomorrow. We are having 7 of us, and none of us like football. We barely knew the teams that were playing, but we love the commercials and eating and drinking, so it was a good excuse to get together for some fun. Not that we need an excuse…

When we got back home, I asked Gary to please take the little brush and clean out the dryer vent. Well, I put the last load in, went back to check on the wash and the bedroom was dripping in steam. Ugh oh. We hung the clothes around to dry and Gary said he’d check the vent tomorrow. It rained gently during the evening, and it was soothing as I finished a book. At 12:45 I put out the light.

This morning it was cool and cloudy, but Gary was out there on the ladder unscrewing the bracket. It had just popped off the hose and with a little duck tape, it was back together. 'It's always something' is a phrase heard often among RVers.

It was time to make the sliders, dip, and other stuff. Can you believe that we had to go to the store again and Ron had to go back twice! Well, it was a SuperBowl and everything had to be good!

Here’s some of the grub
including Sherri’s enchiladas (sorry, I got there a little late for the picture).
Donna’s making some Texas Stars (wonton wrappers stuffed with sausage and other good stuff)
and Ron was busy making Amaretto Sours – yummy! I didn’t even get a picture of our sliders! Well, the Packers started with a bang, and halftime was interesting. Ron decided to tie a knot in a cherry pit stem. And he did!
It looked close near the end with the Steelers coming back, but missing a crucial pass. Packers: 31, Steelers: 25. We mainly looked at the commercials. My favorite: Darth Vader for Volkwagen. When I worked at Ogilvy and Mather in NY (the advertising agency) the prime reason for advertising was for the consumer to remember the brand name. In this case, it was not well-presented. Gary even said it was Toyota. Ooops. Anyway, we ate, we drank, and had a great time talking.

Happy Superbowl, everyone. Hope your team won, and you get over it easily if they lost.

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