Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching Up Again - Lots of Photos

I have not written in soooo long. Sorry everyone. We’ve been really busy having fun – and that’s what it’s all about, right?

First, here are those photos of the ice cream we enjoyed on Valentine’s Day: These are the flavors you can choose from.
They have some proven favorites in case you find the list too daunting. Then they mix it up in a metal bowl with some base flavoring. Next comes the liquid nitrogen shot. “Smoke” pours over the bowl and onto the counter as it is mixed up some more. They squish it into a container and hand it to you amid ooohs and aaahs.
As I said, it was yummy, and we couldn’t finish it, either.

Tuesday (the 15th) we drove over to Winter Summerland Mini Golf on Disney property. Which course should we play - Summer or Winter?
They both looked so challenging! Summer won and we got our tee off time, balls and clubs. We had fun and it WAS challenging.
I thought the course was very cleverly designed using the perfect vehicle: travel trailers.
We had a few holes-in-one made that afternoon, but still came in way over par for the course. Ron's happy!

Thursday (the 17th) we left for St. Pete after putting the awning in and disconnecting the water. We were going to babysit Henry (the 8th) (four months)until Monday. It was a holiday weekend, and Lance, Lauren and Graham were going up to visit their dad in Kennesaw, GA. Michelle and Brian were going to South Carolina for a mini vacation. Well, it’s been a long time since I had a baby to care for, so we were just a little apprehensive. But he is a great little guy, so we settled in and played with him every time he woke up. Sorry for all the pictures, but that was our weekend. Our outing was to The Pier for lunch and a visit to the aquarium.

The lunch was good, but the aquarium was a bit pricey for two rooms with four tanks of fish and info on hurricanes. However, he really loved the colors of the tropical fish swimming around, so it was worth it. Here's his saucy look:
Other than that we worked on rolling over, holding up our head, standing, funny sounds, proper holding of the bottle and sleeping through the night. He passed with flying colors.

We got home on Tuesday evening after seeing our Drs for physical check ups and eye doctors for eye exams. Gary’s eye is all better and he wanted to start using his contact again. I thought I was seeing OK, but my prescription changed too.

We were pretty worn out after looking after Henry, but Wednesday we arose at 6 am to arrive at Mt. Dora to meet my brother, Bob and friend Rosie.
Bob collects and restores antique cars and is a member of the Horseless Carriage Club of America. The HCCA sponsors tours around the nation, and members drive their cars in huge trailers to these events. This week was the National Board of Directors Meeting at the Lakeside Inn on Lake Dora. Bob and Rosie drove down from New Jersey with two cars: A 1907 REO (which we toured in today) and a 1914 Cadillac which a friend drove. I won’t bore you with all the photos I took, but here are a few:

It was so much fun, and after the sun broke through the clouds during our stop at the Yalaha Bakery, it was even more pleasant. A lot of members are true to the time period and dress accordingly. There were some really stunning outfits walking around out there.

We had lunch at a little Café on a balcony, and walked around town visiting the little shops. I splurged on a little wooden bird (I love birds) made in Indonesia. Cute, huh?

We met so many nice people and saw so many beautiful cars. And it was so special to see my brother again. Rosie has become a very special friend and is an artist herself.
Please feel free to visit her website: to see her fantastic creations.

There, I’ve caught you all up to today. It’s been a really fun week. But tomorrow we are hitting the road to watch the Discovery shuttle launch! I promise it won’t take me a week to tell you about it. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. That Henry the Eighth is a cutie...Love the picture of Grandpa and Henry and each of their "bottles" sitting next to them on the table :)