Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Duckies Everywhere

Monday morning Gary lagged out of bed. The taxes were hanging over his head and he didn’t want to do them. By the time he got up, got a cup of coffee and went outside to read the paper, Donna came over with her chair and sat down to chat. Ron came over soon after reminding her that they needed to have their Disney picture ID made today.

Of course they asked us if we’d like to go, and off we went to McDonald’s for a quick lunch before driving over to Disney University. Gary and I hung out for about 15 minutes looking at the photos and captions on the walls. Disney is a man I’d have really enjoyed meeting. He had such simple and clear insight. Disney World is the epitome of fun for so many families. It’s a shame it is so expensive. But I truly believe that Disney had no expectation of the business it was to become. He just wanted a place for families to be together and have fun. That vision he definitely achieved.

They returned with their new photo IDs and we headed home. The wind was kicking up, and we put in our awning and prepared for a storm line. It rained for about 20 minutes – just enough to make the ground dirt stick to your shoes, which tracked into the coach, which made me have to vacuum. At least it takes me 10 minutes to vacuum the whole ‘house’.

Later the boys (Gary, Ron and Terry) watched the brats roast while the girls (Sheri, Donna and I) got everything else ready.
Great dinner was followed by lots of talk of travel – my favorite kind of talk. It makes me realize how much we need to see. Everything sounds exciting and interesting. We had planned to go out west right after our RV-Dreams Rally in Tennessee the middle of April, but if we get jobs at Dollywood, we won’t be going out until next spring/summer. Oh, well. Plans can change at a moment’s notice in this kind of lifestyle. That’s what’s so great about it. Now we’re thinking we won’t get to Alaska until 2012 and that’s OK! Anyone want to go with us?

Today we wanted to go ‘see the ducks at the Peabody Hotel’.
What is that? Every morning, 5 mallard ducks arrive by elevator from their penthouse apartment at the Peabody Hotel to the ground floor, walk 75 feet to a fountain in the middle of a lobby, and hang out until 5 pm when they walk back to the elevator on their red carpet and go to sleep in their penthouse.
We found the Peabody after a breakfast at Panera, and hung out there for 20 minutes. Suddenly there was an announcement that the ducks were coming, and sure enough, 5 little ducks raced across the carpet and up their steps into the fountain enjoying having their picture taken.

Crazy, but adorable. You can see how important these ducks are: they are everywhere.

The Peabody is a huge hotel with beautiful chandeliers as you can see by a photo Gary took.
We enjoyed it thoroughly until we checked our parking ticket for one hour’s parking - $7.00. Up to 30 minutes is complementary, but 30 minutes to 4 hours was $7.00. Guess how many people find that out too late.

We have needed a toaster oven forever, and Gary saw a Black and Decker on sale at Macy’s. After we left the hotel, we headed toward the Mall of the Millenia. It was listed at 44.95, but on sale for 29.99. Gary said he might be able to get some more off that. Donna and I looked at each other mouths open. Soon Gary said if we opened an account, we’d get another 20% off. So we ended up getting it for $20 less. Here it is:

Suddenly the alligator made an appearance (well half of one actually). Tried to get closer, but he went under.

We had a little grilled salmon and then settled in for some TV – it’s FUNNY NIGHT!

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