Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Play Day at EPCOT

Today was a warmer day and a play day. Off to EPCOT for some fun with Donna and Ron. We got started around 11:30, parked in the lot and walked right in the park. (I can’t tell you all our secrets). We had fish and chips in England and browsed all the Twinings Teas. In Germany, we saw some Werther’s caramel and chocolate covered popcorn with candied pecans and while debating, we were handed a chocolate covered marshmallow as a sample. Well, that took care of the sweet craving. We shopped in a kiosk that sold Swarovski crystals and I found a charm for my charm necklace. It was black enamel on one side and covered with small crystals on the other. We got 40% off, so it was a great deal! Lucky me!

We wanted to ride on Soarin’, but the line was 140 minutes long. Sheesh. So we went on the Living with the Land boat ride and marveled at the 10 pound lemons and 4 foot long sturgeons. If farming was done like this all over the world, we’d be so much kinder to our planet, and therefore us. Maybe in my lifetime, hopefully in my grandchildren’s.

We did go up in Spaceship Earth, the giant golf-ball looking thing at the entrance, and that is always fun and educational. So is the Universe of Energy with Ellen Degeneres as host. It’s difficult to make a ride appealing to very young and very old at the same time, but Disney is one of those businesses that can pride itself on doing that very thing. It’s also something that you never get tired of doing over and over. Curious. I won’t go on about my theories regarding that today, but maybe someday.

Where to go for dinner? EPCOT was too crowded and too expensive, so we headed out of the park. We all felt like Italian – Macaroni Grill? Way too crowded, so we ended up at Uno Chicago Grill. Gary and I had eaten here once in Gastonia, NC and it was pretty good. We had a sweet waitress and got in before the crowd, but they soon arrived and Kristen worked very hard with her tables. I had the lime-marinated chicken salad and Gary had a small pizza. Yummy. Donna and Ron had to work tomorrow, so we headed for bed so we would be fresh for New Year’s Eve. Hope you have some fun plans!

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