Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Pete and Morocco

I think Friday will be the last time I need to get up at 5 am to be at work at 7. Gary and I haven’t seen each other the last two days except for one minute in a parking lot. Didn’t count on that happening. We really need to get our hours together and we are working on that. It’s tough to move a big machine like Disney, but we’ll persevere until we hit a brick wall.

On the way home I deposited my first two paychecks – ooooo, that felt good! While I was in line, there was a cute little 3 year old at a teller’s window. He was looking at me (in my costume) and so I reached into my pocket and brought out a Mickey Mouse sticker and held it out to him. He smiled at it, but was very hesitant to take it. I asked him if he knew who this was. He nodded yes, and then reached out and took it. What a smile! Makes my day, just makes my day.

Saturday we did a few chores in the chilly morning, and then drove to St. Pete to have a combined birthday dinner for Gary and Brian (whose birthday was Dec. 2). Brian’s mom, Sharon was visiting from Iowa and all six kids were there, too. When we arrived, it was only Sharon who was waiting on the front steps as the rest of the family went to a Christmas tree farm to get their tree. We had about 15 minutes to introduce ourselves and then they arrived home. Chaos ensued, and little Henry was hungry, so I took charge of him most of the evening. We had a delicious meal (except I had to run to the store for the forgotten birthday cake that you see here – mmmmm, Red Velvet.)

We tried to get Henry to sleep a little bit, but he was having none of it, and pretty much cried the whole evening. Poor little guy. I wish he could say what was wrong.
The guys opened their gifts (booze and cigars) and a car detail appointment for Brian.
We finally took our leave for our hour and half ride home listening to Christmas carols all the way. Peace on earth – well, at least in the Jeep.

Sunday we wanted to play. Off to EPCOT with our friends, Donna and Ron next door. It was a very pretty day with a high of 71 and low of 42. The first order of business was to find out where we could eat using our coupon for 50% off our meal. We found the Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco and made reservations around 6 pm to see the belly dancer show. Then we walked around the World Showcase and over to the Living Seas watching the sharks and my favorite, the seahorses. Closer to six, we took the boat back across the lagoon and landed in Morocco. Here’s Donna checking out the menu.
They had never had Middle Eastern food before. Promptly at 6 we were seated. The Harira soup was excellent, but the combination appetizer for two was very interesting. Beef and chicken were wrapped in thin layers of phyllo pastry, baked then sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The salad had an interesting dressing, and the baklava for dessert was yummy. Sure enough a beautiful belly dancer performed for us and then invited the children up on stage where they received a lesson. Adorable.

We were very chilly around firework time, but it was worth it. Those are some of the prettiest fireworks I’ve ever seen. The park closed at 9:30 and no one hung around – it was too cold. However, we did see lots of people in shorts and t-shirts. I guess 50 degrees feels balmy compared to 20 degrees at their homes. Did anyone remember where our car was parked? Believe it or not, not one of us had noticed our parking sign. We guessed at the area and then with the remote key opener the chirping took us right to our spot. Oh, boy, that heat felt good.

Tomorrow, Gary has a day off, then works Tues, and Thurs through Sat. I work Wed and Friday and have all next week off. Can’t figure out Disney no how. I’m going to be very brave and get my hair cut at a local ‘Hair Cuttery’. I just can’t wait any longer. Wish me luck.

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