Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Christmas and Next Christmas

Thank you all for your well wishes for Gary. He is back to normal, his face and lungs are recuperating nicely, and he is back to my HH (handsome hubby).

Well, it’s that time of year again where people go crazy. However, since we are not in a stix&brix we don’t have that much to do. Decorating the coach took about 30 minutes instead of 30 days. Baking only two things instead of 22 since we’re not entertaining every other day was a cinch. I have wonderful Christmas memories, some of my childhood, but most of our years in Raleigh. Lots of decorating, family, friends, presents, entertaining. Because we are in Florida this year, we will be spending Christmas with my daughter, Michelle, and her family, and Tristan and Julian will be driving up from Miami. Gary’s daughter, Mandy and her family in Raleigh, NC are expecting us for a long visit this spring and we will have another Christmas with them. (I wonder if there’ll be a tree…)

We’ve been doing the usual last minute running around, baking some peanut blossoms and working a little on the coach. Freightliner said that we need to run her on the road. That entails disconnecting everything, and shifting into departure mode. Eehhhh, we don’t really want to do that, but we will lubricate the slides and jacks, check the roof for hairline cracks in the caulking and resealing, run the engine and generator to get things circulating again, and that kind of stuff. The worst thing, said Freightliner, that you can do is let things sit. Well we’ve been sitting for three months. Time to shake things up a little. It’s going to be 65 today, so Gary is already up on the roof checking for cracks. As soon as all the neighbors are awake, we’ll make some noise. No matter what you live in, you’ve got to keep it in good shape. We haven’t decided yet which is more expensive – the coach or our house. Or which is more fun to work on either. We have always been house dwellers, so we know what can go wrong and how to fix it. But totally different things go wrong with this kind of house – mostly mechanical, which is why it’s so important to ‘preventive fix’, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday I was on the computer researching places to work next winter in south Texas. Workamper News is a website/publication that lists places to work by state among many other things. It has been in business since 1987, and is very reliable. Workers peruse employers’ advertisements for positions and apply using the website’s Awesome Resume section or by phone. Sometimes the employers offer a ‘jobinar’ which is an online video portraying the worksite, workers’ camping area and other highlights of their property.

Talking with other campers here about south Texas proves to be a gathering place for snowbirds. They are also called Winter Texans. We won’t be alone in trying to procure jobs next winter. This is why I am thinking now. We’ll keep you updated. Of course, this means we will be in Texas next Christmas. Unless our family decides to fly out, it will be our first EVER Christmas without them. I wonder how that will feel?

Well, enjoy your holidays. Our best wishes to all of you!

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