Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Animal Kingdom and Eclipse

Gary ran over to the cleaners with our duvet to get it cleaned once again. The conversation went like this: Cleaners lady: ‘Duvet?’ Gary: ‘yes.’ Cleaners lady: ‘Moore?’ Gary: ‘yes’. Cleaners lady: ‘ Wednesday’. Gary: ‘Darn cat…’ This is the FOURTH time this cat has caused a $40 charge….grrrrrr - ’nuff said. I know you are all asking “WHY????” Anyone want a cat?

This afternoon we spent with the grandkids, Michelle and Brian in Animal Kingdom. The kids behaved really well, as you can tell at the lunch table:
Henry was a gem, and loved interacting with his Poppy.
Lance studied the map for the direction of Mt. Everest.
Some kind people gave us their fast passes, and they were redeemable immediately. Gary and I looked after Henry and Graham who was, alas, too small to go on that ride.
I should have taken a photo of Graham after he ate an ice cream sandwich, but I’m sure you can imagine. He really enjoyed it! We headed to a ride for Graham, and everyone wanted to go on it, too.
The Dino-Dig was next and we spent a happy 30 minutes in here. Graham was intrigued with ‘real’ dinosaur bones and teeth.
Lance was up in the aerial section when this photo was taken of Lauren, Charlie, Ellie and Graham.
It was a cool place for kids to let off steam and this they did. It was starting to get dark when we got to Dinosaur – a thrill ride through time encountering many loud and scary dinosaurs. Graham was allowed on it, but hid under my arm the whole way. It was very intense, rocky and loud, but a pretty cool ride. Our photo showed some pretty interesting expressions. I would like to visit a real dinosaur dig somewhere out west next year. That I could handle a little better…

It was dark and cold and the park closed at 8, so we headed to Mt. Everest one last time to use our Fast Passes. Gary and I kept Henry and Graham entertained with light sabers and other toys for what seemed an hour, but at last they arrived. Walking to the exit, we came upon a people-jam on the bridge. Visitors were looking at all the ibises asleep in the trees. I got a good shot of them – there must have been at least 75.
Our tram came and the kids all sat in one seat on the way to the parking lot.
We walked them to their van, said our goodbyes and headed to our Jeep for our ride home. Fun.

At 3:15 this morning, there was a total eclipse of the moon, which happened last in 1700 something. I didn’t set the alarm clock, but woke up for some reason. I lay there deciding if I’d get dressed and go out to find the moon, and decided not to. But then I remembered it wouldn’t happen for another 400 years or so, so I did get up and go out. It was awesome and worth seeing for about 10 minutes as the orange glow of reflecting sun’s rays off particulates bounced around in the atmosphere surrounding the moon. I was glad I saw it when I did, as it reached 37 degrees last night. I can’t believe this weather…

We even felt sorry for the cat, which I declared an “OUTSIDE CAT” from now on, but we softened and let her sleep on the bed. Well, the duvet is still in the cleaners. Grrrrrr, ….

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