Friday, February 26, 2010

Charging Ahead

I can’t believe the Olympics are over in two days. There have been so many surprises this year. Especially with Lindsey Vonn falling so many times, and the tragic death of the Georgian luger the day before opening ceremonies. The weather has been horrible the first week, and difficult with snow and fog the second. Kudos to all the participants, especially the USA. Mesa, our jeep, has been in “the hospital” for a week getting her plumbing fixed. She now does not leave spots where she is parked. She also has a brand new roof top. It’s the original type of material and color. She looks brand new and now we can see out the back window! We went to camping world to see about hitches. Because Camping World suggested the Roadmaster and Brakemaster systems to the tune of 3900 dollars, we thought we’d check out some hitch places around our town. We were impressed with AAA Hitches, a family run business since 1992 in Bradenton. Tracy gave us a quote on a Blue Ox and Roadmaster. They were a few hundred dollars different, so after I talked with Donny about the placement of the Brakemaster plate, I asked his opinion on which one he’d choose, and he said it was like a choice between a Ford and a Chevy. So we went with the Blue Ox – hey a couple hundred bucks is a couple hundred bucks. Tristan refused to take Tasha, so she will start a new adventure and go with us! We got her a harness, instead of a collar ensuring that we can put a leash on her so she can go outside near us once in while. Right now, she acts as though there is a brick on top of her, so crawls around on her belly. She knows something’s going on, because she is sleeping between us on the bed – not at the foot, but up near our heads. Meowing in the middle of the night is getting old real fast, but we try to assure her all day that even though her world is about to turn upside down, we will be there with her, and that she will have an adventure few kitties ever have. We also started paying our bills on line – something we should have been doing years ago. Our friend at Wachovia, Kim Buttera, explained how easy it was, and we set it up in about 1 minute! Yay – THAT was easy. Meanwhile, Gary purchased a Verizon aircard so that we could have in-motion computer action. He tried to install it on my computer first, and screwed it up. I think because I was connected already with my Netgear card. Anyway, I will only have to deal with difficult connection for another month, then we will be on the aircard from month to month unless we are at a campground with free wi-fi. Mailed our taxes in, got our RV insurance for Bella, and got a lawn service for the house. We did some major yard work and it looks great in the back yard. We bought a new mattress for the RV and when it arrived, we brought it back to UPS and shipped it to Texas so that we could sleep on it on the way home next week. Then we sat for the kids on Saturday and Sunday while M&B went to Naples for a couple nights. We also went to the dump with our e-scrap and dumped the 20 buckets of paint. In between this, and runs to Walmart, we packed, cleaned, signed a rental contract with Ellen, trucked stuff to our storage units every day at least once, and then did daily stuff – wash, ate and collapsed into bed. I also organized three guys to come help us move on the 27th. Whew. CHARGING AHEAD.

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