Friday, February 5, 2010

We Love Her

Our flight was on time, bumpy because of the storm we were going over, and we landed in DFW and hoofed it to another terminal for our flight to Houston where we rented a car and drove the 2 hours to Nacogdoches (the oldest town in Texas). We pulled up into Motorhomes of Texas after a few wrong turns due to stupid directions from AAA, and there she was, parked in front, her engine purring. She’s so BIG, but after an hour and half inspection, she’s everything we want and more! The previous owner left everything! Extra wires, BBQs, plugs, ironing board, fluids – all kinds of things! She has a washer/dryer and a winegard satellite system! Now just for the negotiations… We left her there, and will come back tomorrow at 10 talk price. Ooooooo

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