Saturday, February 6, 2010

Texas Hoots and Success!

Our sleep last night was OK in the Best Western a mile up the road, but breakfast was a hoot. Gary had a sausage biscuit and I had an eng. muffin, but the lady that came in after us decided to have a waffle that you made fresh by dispensing some batter from a machine and pouring it on the griddle. Well she pushed the dispensing nozzle and it fell off, so the batter just gushed out of the machine. Of course she started catching it with plates and bowls, but the receptionist ran over and put a bowl against the hole to stop it. Ten minutes later it was cleaned up, and the lady made her waffle – it was formed in the shape of Texas! So Gary and I made one and split it. It was delicious! Time to get going over to see our new home – we decided we wanted her if the price was right. Stewart met us and we measured everything then test drove her – on the ROAD! She was great, and not so difficult… Anyway, back to the bargaining table, and we talked about needing new tires, possible batteries, doing a full tuneup and getting the Diamondshield off her nose. It was cracked and mildewed. I’ll research that later as it would be too expensive to pay someone to do it. I think the negotiations took about 5 minutes and we won! We got her for WAAAY less than we ever thought we would and we are thrilled. The tires will cost $3000+, though, and we do have to get satellite upgrades, but still the savings are fabulous! Yipppeee. We took lots of photos, and will send a pic of us and her on email to everyone when we get home. When we got back to Houston, we turned in the car at the airport, took the shuttle back to Sheraton, had a celebratory drink, then room service in bed, set the alarm for 5 am for a 7:45 am flight, and hit the sack. Congratulations to us!

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