Sunday, February 7, 2010

Close Call

Up on time, took the shuttle with 40 other people, had a coffee at Starbucks, headed to the gate and boarded. I brought my e-book, but didn’t bring the charging cord, so when it said low battery, I turned it off. Bummer. Very fast flight to Dallas, but it took 15 minutes to get to the opposite terminal. We hung out at the Admiral’s club, and since I thought the flight left at 10:45, I suggested we head for the gate at 10. Well, we leisurely walked to the gate and the gate attendant said ‘are you going to Tampa? Are you M/M Moore? Well we’re about the close the gate!’. So we made it just in time, but it sure was easy getting to our seats, even though we had a woman next to us who was drunk. Fortunately she slept the whole way. We got back to the Sheraton, jumped into Chiquita and drove home. Can you believe it? We own a MOTORHOME! Whoa. We started thinking of names for her on the drive home.

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