Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost Time

I can’t believe that next Monday we will be on our way to pick up our new home! She is getting new shoes today, has had her surge protector hardwired, and our bed and stuff we need for our trip home was delivered and is in the coach. I spent all day today making reservations at campgrounds from TX to home and home to the Rally. Howard never does this, but it would be too nerve wracking to just show up at a CG hoping we could get in. It doesn’t cost anything to make a reservation at private CGs, but it does at government areas, so I probably will continue to do it for a while, at least. Everyone was SO friendly. In DeFuniak Springs, the owner said to call when we were at exit 85 so he could come out to meet us and guide us in. Can you see a hotel doing this? I also signed us up with CoachNet to protect our baby on the road. On the website, there was a spot for ‘promo code’ which meant ‘discount’ and I wanted one, but didn’t have a code. So I called. Denise offered to register me over the phone to save the $10 registration fee. I didn’t have to be asked twice. At least once a day we visit our storage units. But, I think we will have JUST enough room for everything. If not, it stays or gets chucked.
Lance’s and Charlie’s Bday party was on Sunday. It was great because the Games2U truck came and entertained all the boys and us! We didn’t even serve cake – we just opened presents inside and sang happy birthday to them both. It was a sunny, cool, breezy day – just perfect for kids running non-stop. The piñatas were a hit as was the silly string and confetti. Everyone had a great time.
I looked at the realtor website to see our listing, and our house is really beautiful! I would rent it! Here’s hoping for a really good renter. Girl’s Club was fun as everyone wanted to know our progress, and we planned to have the next one IN the coach while parked in storage spot #26. That’ll be fun!
Well, the Olympics are over for another 2 years, and we were the leader in Golds, but it was, as usual, amazing what these athletes accomplished.
I wish it would get WARM.

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