Friday, January 15, 2010

Tampa RV Show - Day 2

We didn’t quite get there in time for the 10 am seminar on RV maintenance, but did catch the Choosing your RV. Bob Marx’s best hint was to narrow your search to three and choose from them. We’ve narrowed it down to the Damon Tuscany, the Newmar DutchStar and the Monaco Cayman. We would like a 36-38 footer, but it seems they are harder to find. We will seriously start looking to purchase around beginning of March. We want a good dealer and someone trustworthy to inspect it for us. I know now is the time to buy – something we’ve always missed in our past major purchases. So we’re hoping to get this right. *sigh* We wandered around and inspected every 40 and under footer of every manufacturer (except gas) and we limited our choice to the above three, otherwise, Bob said, you go nuts trying to decide between too many little factors instead of the big picture. I tend to go with the ‘walk-in factor’ which basically means I walk in and if it feels right, I look further. I find that I check out the sofa/chair ratio, the table/buffet (I like that), the fridge and microwave/convection oven, the bed (must be a king, remember) and the storage. Those are the main things I care about. I believe the above brands have quality, and all have different HP, generator size, etc, that tend to match the size of the rig, so I assume that all that stuff is adequate. I like light color wood so that on a rainy day we won’t feel like we’re in a cave. We’d love a fireplace, but that’s not very common in MHs. And all this is for a bargain. We will continue to do our homework. Meanwhile I plan to give Gary a haircut even shorter than Howard’s. He’s losing so much hair he’s beginning to look a little on the mangy side. So tomorrow morning it’s all coming off. On the bright side, all his spots are looking better. Our dream life is getting closer – he has finished half his treatments!

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