Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tampa RV Show

We got going around 10 and joined the throngs of people from all over the country at the gate to the Florida State Fairgounds in Tampa. Howard and Linda and all the RV Dreamers were meeting outside the seminar tent at 11 am, so when we noticed a group of people standing and talking I put on my “spot Howard and Linda” eyeballs and sure enough – there was Howard (we identified him from his new haircut) and, oh- there’s Linda! We introduced ourselves to Linda first and she remembered us from the Forum mentioning that we had met another Dreamer, John Shea, about a month ago floating on the Myakka River in our SeaEagle 380x. Hugs all around and we had our picture taken with Howard and Linda. We met so many people that we hope to run into again at the rally and we talked at length with Debbie Goode who asked me if we had a blog. I said we were doing a kind of ‘diary’ thing and that no one would be interested in reading this stuff, but she said that was not true, and to get it all out there. Really? Alrighty then. Holly and Bob Pinner and Bob and Nancy Albert were wonderful with their confirmation that a class A was what we should get. What great people! They gave us lots of encouragement and information, and we can’t wait to see them all again at the rally. But now it was time to cruise all the beautiful new rigs over the many acres of the fairgounds. We started with the Class A’s and noted all the great new things, like basement doors opening out, not up, and double bathrooms with four sinks. Well, I don’t think that’s so great. Who’s going to clean all those sinks? But we do need a king bed, which has really limited our search for a used rig. However, they are out there and the perfect one will show up just when we’re ready. We’ll be back tomorrow!

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