Thursday, January 7, 2010

Backup Plans

I do not have as much power as I thought I had, much to my chagrin, so my resolution for this year is to learn to go with the flow. Plan A: When the Dr. saw Gary’s test results, he wanted to start Gary on treatments again today, which cut short our plans of driving to Raleigh and staying until Tuesday. So we picked up the U-Haul on Thursday thinking we could load it, lift the hitch up off the car, drive to the Tampa Airport, re-hitch, and head out early on Friday. Nope. That was not recommended by Frank at U-Haul. Plan B: So we decided to drive the Jeep to the airport. We loaded it with the walker and suitcase, spent 30 minutes trying to get the windows and roof up because it was so COLD, backed it out, and it died. We needed to leave pronto, so (Plan C) I called my friend, Jan, and she graciously offered her car. Hurray, we will be warm and comfortable, but most important, we will make it home again. At the airport we said goodbye to Granny, got home, filled up the car and stopped for some flowers for Jan. Her husband, Mike, gave us some suggestions on what might be wrong with Mesa, so we pushed Mesa into the garage, wrecking my back and doing in Gary’s leg. We threw some Tylenol down our throats and hit the sack. Morning came and we left at 7:30 stopping at Panera for our traditional bagel and coffee. Pulling the U-Haul made us drive at 65 mph so it took 13 hours to get to Raleigh, but at least the traffic was light.
We had fun with the grands, got to eat at Bruegger’s, babysat the kids while the grownups went with friends to see Tristan play at the Berkley cafĂ© in downtown Raleigh. Sunday, we got up at 7 and drove home ALONE. It only took 12 hours and we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for takeout eating it in bed later. Below freezing temps this morning, so we had oatmeal and while I worked on putting away Christmas stuff, Gary went for his treatment then worked on trying to jump Mesa. No luck, so tomorrow we will call AAA. Did I mention that the dryer is not working, either? One good thing: we might get to meet Linda and Howard on Thursday as Gary asked Dr. P if we could move his appointment to Friday, but the only thing they could do is move Thursday’s to 8:30 am, so we will still go to the Tampa RV show on Thursday and Friday!

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