Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

Happy New Year. It passed uneventful as we passed out around 11:30. At least until the power went off at around 1:30 am for a few minutes, then it went off again. It was only the beep of the smoke alarm battery backups that woke us up every 20 minutes until the power came back on an hour later. Fortunately we could stay in bed until 8:30.
We enjoyed an afternoon get-together at Kathy’s with a lot of her old friends whom we met last year, so it was fun seeing them and eating the yummy appetizers and chocolate desserts. It was not warm today or for the last week, but the sun did peek out around 4 pm. Freezing temperatures at night was a weather warning up until tomorrow night. Thursday will be the first day that is barely over 60 degrees. That is also the day that Granny flies to Raleigh. Jean had a nice little coffee with the neighborhood gals that was so much fun we should do this on a regular basis.
But today, Gary had his appt. with Dr. Eakles regarding his PET/CAT scan. We were both relieved (but not surprised) that everything was A-OK. She doesn’t want to see him again until April! Until then, his treatments have been suspended until next week, so we will be able to drive our rented U-Haul trailer up to Raleigh on Friday, and return on Tuesday as I have my long-awaited Eye Dr. appointment on Wednesday. Life is changing again.

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