Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Presents

My birthday was on Wednesday and we went to the new Kumo restaurant down the street. We haven’t had sushi in months because there aren’t a lot of our-priced sushi restaurants around. The parking lot looked really busy, but the sushi bar had room for two. First impression: beautiful! I love the look of all the fresh fish lined up glistening just on the other side of the glass. The waterfall behind me and the low lighting put us in a really relaxed mood. Pencil and menu in hand, we started our decision-making process. I like to judge the food by the chef who offers a taste of their creations and explains the ingredients. We ordered our favorites to be able to compare to other restaurants and we were not disappointed, it was delicious! Gary gave me a card reader for my camera – yay – and a Toblerone which lasted 2 days. Friday, we drove down to North Trail RV Center near Ft. Meyers. They had nothing, but I will send our list of deal breakers. Saturday, Michelle invited us for a birthday dinner and when she told the children we were coming, Graham went upstairs and pulled his suitcase out of the closet. HE was staying at our house for sure! We had a really nice chicken parmesan dinner, chocolate cake and then we were off with Graham in the back seat. No sleep. I decided to make Sunday ‘potty training’ day. We kept him naked, and told him to use the potty because it was little and just his size. I ran over to Walmart to find some big boy undies, and he chose the ones with Wall-e and Mr. Incredible pictures on them. Then we went to McDonald’s to check out their bathroom (and have lunch) and he did great. Then we walked down to the pond to feed the ducks (great), visited Rilla’s parakeets and sang all the way home. Mom and siblings arrived, and he proudly showed her what he could do. Awesome, little dude. I love that kid.

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