Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working on the Road

Oct. 1
Working on the Road
I’ve been looking at web sites every day at blogs about fulltiming. RV Dreams is fantastic. Howard Payne is/was a salesman (real estate) and lawyer, and since they needed an income, he built a website and has documented from the day they decided to be full-timers. He puts links on his site for hits and credits. She makes and sells beaded jewelry, cookbooks, and birdfeeders. He downloads photos, blogs and sells clothing with his logo on it. So, WE need to find a job, too. There are jobs available through which is basically volunteering in exchange for free camp sites. We would love to do that for about 4-6 months at a time in DisneyWorld, a dude ranch or any Florida national/state park, even Habitat for Humanity. We can also boondock if our rig is so equipped, and this would be very little per night or free. But we would like to be original and sell or provide some kind of service for the people in campgrounds. Maybe a dog groomer? Maintenance man? It will come to us….

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