Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Graham

Happy Birthday, Grandson
Well, no one slept very well last night (I ended up on the couch), but Graham woke up chipper and sang ‘happy birthday to me’ all morning. He had his birthday breakfast, then Michelle, he and I spent some quality time together in BJs. I told her our plans and mentioned that we’d need some income to make it work. She suggested getting a cause we believe strongly in, and promoting it on the road through a non-profit set-up where we pay ourselves for the expenses. Gary loved this idea and said his cause would be mycosis fungoides. He would look at the American Cancer Society’s web page and see what they might do to help us spread the word. I looked at ‘online businesses’ and decided that I might be able to sell my photos. At only 25 cents a shot, it’s not very profitable unless I’ve got some really unusual or good photos, but it doesn’t cost a thing. Gary also called Harold from work who RVs (but not fulltime) and he gave us some pointers. He told Gary that a fiver was better than a motorhome costwise and spacewise. So Gary is getting off the “a motorhome is better” soapbox. Yay. A brochure from Montana came today, and he drooled. J

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