Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bubble Burst

I haven’t written lately, because our dream was nearly killed. I say nearly, because when we crunched some numbers, the results were very dismal. By selling the house, we would be giving up our only source of security. We don’t have a lot of money, no IRA’s or source of income for when we’re old and gray (or grayer). If we decide to go ahead with this, what will happen when we hang up the keys? Will we be relegated to living in an old trailer, and where?? This idea has to be hammered out until we are both comfortable with the numbers. Our daily living will be adventurous, and yes, we will definitely need an income. We will go to Brian, and ask him to plug in numbers. We will go to Ellen and ask about renting. We have Granny covered, and there is a little guilt there, but now we have committed to doing this. It would not be fair to send Granny to live with Mandy and not go anywhere. So, slowly we are working, planning and dreaming of our big adventure. At the end of our lives, which will we regret more: taking this risk and failing or refusing to take it and never knowing whether we would have succeeded or failed?

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