Friday, March 15, 2013

Still Here in Cambellton, TX

It's been three weeks today and I can't remember what civilization is like.  Which is OK with me, not so much with Gary.  This big blue sky everyday (it hasn't rained more than six drops) is one of my favorite things.  The sunrise and sunsets are spectacular, but it is getting warm (up to 94 tomorrow), and that sun is HOT.  So Gary rigged up a tent for sitting outside, because the constant wind is very cooling.

The fracking was finished on Monday (hooray!) and the ratholing was begun.  All kinds of wierd equipment rolled in:

And this is what they built:

 I like the American flag on the top!
Yesterday is was moving day for Pioneer Energy Resources.  Their home is a little larger than Bella.

 Basically, the job is logging people in and out - easy.  Fracking is usually turned down by gate guarders because it is all day and all night.  When that finished, Gary got some sleep during the evening.  Now that we're in the completion stage, he will be able to sleep all night, getting up at 6 am (now that it is daylight savings - booo) it is dark for an hour later.  This weekend will seem like a vacation, as hardly anyone will be here.  Monday, completion starts and we may be finished, or we may stay to guard some equipment on the new pad.  What would be perfect is if they decide to drill on the new pad.  Then we could stay as long as we wanted.

Unfortunately, our friends decided to take another job 350 miles away, and left yesterday.  They keep telling me that they're near twin cities further east and there are real stores and restaurants!  We will continue to mark our territory at our local Walmart each week. 

I even had time to finish the taxes today.  So, here's to cha ching and blue skies!

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