Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Change in Scenery

Yesterday a guy named Tim came to our gate and asked if Lisa was here.  No Lisa.  He was supposed to deliver a portapotty to this location for a new gate guard.  Ugh oh. 

A few calls later, he decided to leave it set up behind our coach. Well, OK. We hadn't heard from anyone about leaving the site, so we carried on.  Just a few interesting items arrived...

This morning Lisa shows up in a uniform and says she and Craig are surprised to see us here.  They are supposed to be working for Pioneer.  Then Pioneer shows up, says we're good to stay, and tells Lisa and Craig to leave.  Lisa argues, makes more phone calls; I make phone calls. And the result is nobody knows anything or will say anything.  This is very typical.  But we're pretty sure we're leaving (sadly) and are glad we did most of the packing up yesterday.

About two hours later, our utility guys show up and say we're to leave this site and head back to the gate guard yard for a new assignment.  Well, OK, then.  We finish packing up and head over to the yard, back into our spot and visit the office.  We convey our wishlist to Diane who listens, and says she'll be in touch.

Off to Walmart to get a long-needed haircut for me.  That done, we get gas, watch the yellow engine light come back on (did I mention it went off briefly?) and drive back to our filthy, dirty Bella.  But it's Q-U-I-E-T.  No bells, no trucks going over a cattle guard and no generator 5 feet from our bedroom. 

Tonight we will have some fabulous Choke Canyon Bar-B-Que ribs and brisket.  Fabulous.  And then maybe we'll sleep to noon tomorrow, just for fun.

It is quiet.  It is not dusty.  No bells.  No trucks.  No writers cramp.  Relaxing.  Breaks are good, but we'll head back for some more cha-ching soon, I hope.


  1. Glad you are getting a break!! Hope the next assignment is one you like. Enjoy the quiet for now;o))