Sunday, March 31, 2013

Anniversaries in Texas

Today is the three year anniversary of full-timing.  It has gone so fast!  And we are still loving it. 

Most importantly, Gary has been spot free and healthy for a year now, and is doing so well. Finally enjoying this lifestyle to its fullest. Of course, work is a four letter word, but you do what you gotta do. We're getting fuel money for a year of travel pretty painlessly.

Our plans for this year include visiting the home area of our friends, Donna and Ron in Missouri then heading east to see our three kids spread down the east coast.  That will bring us to winter in Florida, but we will really try to get to Quartzite the end of January 2014.  As every RVer knows, it's all in pencil.  Hopefully, it will work for us.   

This is a pic of our new site (since last week) just off Rte 37 near Three Rivers.  The highway is at the white guardrail behind us.  The traffic is not too annoying, more soothing when sleeping.

Gary's decorations
 It has been very busy night and day during the week while fracking three wells.  Fracking is a very controversial issue these days, mainly concerning the safety of the process and especially the fluids used.  Environmentalists are concerned that these chemicals will pollute the ground water.  Yesterday, a worker told me what was in the black barrel on his truck.  A chemical so potent, that if it touched the skin, it would eliminate all the body's good bacteria.  What was that used for, I asked.  It is used to keep the water/sand mixture bacteria free.  Hmmm.

There are stricter standards being developed between environmentalists and oil companies to monitor and protect air and water from pollution.  These energy sources are going to be tapped one way or another, so people need to work together for the good of the planet and population.  And sooner than later, in my opinion. 

On the beautiful side of things, a few of our thousand prickly pear burst into bloom yesterday. 

Friday, they finished up the fracking, so now we enter the work-over phase.  Nobody ever knows for sure how long we'll be at a site, but we're hoping we get to stay another two weeks and get to sleep at night. 

I am continually amazed at the size of these rigs.  Thank goodness we don't have to drive those!

We wish you all a very warm and Happy Easter.


  1. Hard to believe it has been 3 years of full-timing!! But best of all is Gary's 1 year of good health...that really is what it is all about:o))

    So happy for you both!!!

  2. what a great celebration 3 years on the road...and Gary enjoying a year of good health...what more could you ask for :)

  3. Congratulations on Gary's 1 year anniversary, so happy for you! Very interesting what you guys are doing. Bruce spent many years in the oil fields fracking when he was younger. Many people don't realize, but fracking has been around for a long time.

    Looks like you have a lot to look forward to! It was good catching up with you guys!