Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How the Weather Affects Us

We were told that Monday would be a busy day.  Fracing was to begin Tuesday morning, so a lot of traffic would be coming in and out.  Sure enough, some unusual equipment came in, and empty trucks came out.

The worst today was thing was the wind.  Sustained at 25 mph with gust (and frequently!) of 45 mph, we couldn't stay outside.  Unfortunately the wind was headed at us and the dust was awful making it necessary to do business from the side window, kinda like a drive-thru.  Gary got the plate number, and I got the names and other info.  The wind was so bad, they had to stop operations until Tuesday.

Fortunately, we had our slide toppers rigged thus to keep them from damage and keep it a little quieter.

Gary was on duty all night, and logged in about 68 trucks.  I tried to sleep, but heard every bell ring and truck enter.  Fell asleep in between though.  So did Gary, but just a little, as he was in the recliner at the door.  He rigged up his hard hat with a flashing bike lite in the back, and his head lite aimed down on the front.  Not planning to get hit by anything if he can help it!

Benefits of night lights - that's my hand!

A sunrise entry
 We are also blessed with a caterer that comes for the crew at lunch and dinner times.  He's been kind enough to save plates for us, too!  We've had BBQ, chicken-fried steak and this is King Ranch cassarole, a new one for us.  It's made with corn tacos, chicken, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Darn good!  I don't think I'll have to do much cooking if this keeps up, which is fine, as we are quite busy here.  Since Friday we have checked in and out over 1000 people.  The guys (and girls) are very nice and polite, and basically it is being available 24 hours/day and some paperwork.  We managed to clean out our bay drawers today - all three of them. 

King Ranch Cassarole
There are still some problems with the equipment, so fracing has been suspended until fixes are made.  Hopefully this will mean we have to stay longer.  Jobs are a little scarce.  We were waiting at the yard for an assignment for over a week.  So if this job lasts a little bit longer, we're OK with that.
Night time at the drill site
 Yep, it's all really good.


  1. Yum, King Ranch Chicken. One of the many advantages of being raised in Texas.
    Sorry Gary is missing out, but I've played five rounds of golf in the last three weeks.
    We had the high winds north of San Antonio on Monday also.
    Congrats on the job.

    David and Arlene

  2. Glad the job is going well. Interesting to hear about this unique adventure!!

    Be safe.....

  3. I think those winds hit all of TX on Monday. We had 60 mph gusts here. It was awful!
    Glad you're enjoying your new gig. 24 hr/day is quite a commitment. At least you seem to have internet though :)

  4. looks like an interesting job...but round the clock is a hard shift...hopefully you can sleep in shifts :)