Monday, February 4, 2013

A Great Weekend

We were looking forward to this weekend as we had three events planned for Thursday thru Sunday, and the weather was going to cooperate.  Thursday evening was our catamaran trip with SPI Sail.  Originally planned for Tuesday, with 40 mph winds it was rescheduled for Thursday.  Thirty eight people enjoyed fajitas and fruit while sailing slowly up the gulf coast shore and back enjoying waves from landlubbers and gawking at the huge homes. 

It got pretty chilly as the sun set, but it was a beaut.

Friday we had planned to check out the Kite Fest on the beach about 2 miles from our CG. We put the top down and jumped in the Jeep.  Even though it was basically registration day, we needed to go on Friday because of our other plans.  There were a few kites up in the air:
One guy had a huge kite and was sitting on a three-wheeled "big wheel" using wind power to get around.  It was a little unwieldy as his kite crashed more than once.  But he was having a ball.

I convinced Gary to drive through the surf a little, and he did it.  We didn't need our four-wheel drive as the sand was hard packed.  Spash!  That's what a Jeep is for, doncha know...

The boys (Ron and Gary) were hungry for steak, so they grilled and I made a salad and Ron contributed some potatoes.  Delicious!

Saturday we needed to set the alarm for 7 as we were heading for Mexico with Connie and Charlie for the day.  One chore was to get our teeth cleaned.  At our first RV-Dreams rally one week after we began fulltiming, we had heard of this.  Great service for little dinero.  It was confirmed by every winter Texan we talked with here, so since it had been six months, we decided to give it a try.  We also needed to find out some prices of medicine for Donna (who was in St. Louis with family).  Ron gave us the medicine carton, and we were picked up at 8:30.  One can't make a dentist appointment, so you have to wait.  We arrived around 10 am, parked on the US side, paid our 50 cents (just went up a quarter) and walked over the bridge.  The 25 chairs in the waiting room weren't full, which was good.  We signed in and took a seat.  The wait was supposed to be 35-45 minutes, and Gary wore his cowboy boots to get shined, so took advantage of the wait.  Boy, they were like patent leather shiny!  Gary was the last one of us to be called in an hour later.  But they work quickly and efficiently and our teeth felt great.  A dentist checked the work and took a closer look for problems.  None for us, and $50 later, we were out and good to go for another 6 months.  I can now recommend Mexican dentists.  Their prices are low for any major work, too.  Some work will take a few weeks, however, so make sure you have the time, because I know you'll have the money!

Connie and Charlie are regular Winter Texans and have been to Mexico numerous times over the years.  They knew every little place off the main drag, so took us to a back street Pharmacia to check prices of medications for all their family and friends back home.  Great discounts on regular medicine usually, but not on all.  Crestor, for example, is not one of them.  But Z-Paks are $6.95, no prescription necessary.  Many seniors are hitting the 'donut hole' in their drug plans.  This may help.

It was time for lunch, and Connie and Charlie picked the place - Old Towne Restaurant and Bar.  Delicious strawberry daiquiris and yummy Mexican food.  And we're off to shop.  At a children's store, I found the perfect dress for our grand-daughter's birthday and a ribbon for her hair, too. 

But, it was time to get back, so we crossed the border (only .25 to get out), and stopped for our 'traditional' ice cream before our leisurely drive home.  Thanks, Connie and Charlie, for a wonderful day!

Sunday dawned beautiful again, which was good because I was going to my first Rodeo!  Gary got all duded up and I wore my cowboy hat.  The food was overpriced, but the show was, in my novice opinion, great.  We sat near the bull shutes, and, although I don't like what they make the animals go through, I was just too curious not to go and see it for myself.  These guys are crazy.  Hold on to your hats - here we go!



Bareback riding (not like I'm used to): What is that guy thinking??

Mutton bustin (a little 6 year old tries to ride a sheep)  This one had help from another friendly sheep.

An all call for the calf scramble.  Boys first, then girls.  They have to grab a pink ribbon from the calf's tail.

Saddle bronc riding:  These guys use a saddle on their horse.

And barrel racing (girls only)

The wind had picked up considerably, and I almost lost my hat twice, so it was time to roll on home.

 At home again Gary went somewhere, so I took a stroll along our beach.  The restaurants dump their oyster shells near the marina, and we always know when they do, as hundreds of gulls dive bomb the area - "mine, mine". 

Another gorgeous day in South Padre Island, and this guy has the same idea as us:


  1. What a fun weekend!! Love those Cowboy hats:o))

  2. That is an awesome picture of the 2 of you at the rodeo! You both look like "life is good" :) Glad you're enjoying TX!