Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting For It

It's been over a week now since we've arrived at the Gate Guard Services yard in Whitsett, TX.  Last Tuesday evening we parked overnight near the pond, as the five hookup spots were taken.  When a Class A moved out the next morning, we claimed that spot.

 Behind us is a 200 acre ranch.  The owner, Leonard, stopped by on his tractor and invited us over to see his horses and mules.  His wife is a nursing home nurse and was working this weekend, so we drove over the half mile to his place.

He called in his herd and they each had their own little feed pen.  He gave us each buckets and we poured the feed into their food containers.  The horses are mustangs, and dislike sugar, apples and carrots.  There were two young colts, one only 6 months old named Blaze.  She was a little skittish, but was calmed when you gently pet her.
Gary and Ron with DeeDee and Jo


Winnie and me 
His ranch is for sale, if anyone is interested - only $3495. per acre.

That night we decided to play a game: Sequence.  It's a board game requiring a run of cards five in a row. Donna and I were a team, and creamed the boys 3 to one.  It got late fast and we yawned through the last hand.  Hoping to hear about an assignment tomorrow, we said goodnight.

By noon the next day, we supposed that we weren't going to hear anything, so we drove into Pleasanton, the nearest 'big' town with a Walmart.  We were using up our groceries, and needed to replace a few.

Yesterday we decided to check out Peggy.  Peggy is at the intersection of Farm Road 99 and an unnamed paved road twenty-seven miles southeast of Jourdanton in southeastern Atascosa County. It began in the early 1930s, when landowners H. R. Smith and John Mowinkle had several hundred laborers clear mesquite and brush for farm land. To serve the needs of the workers and area residents, C. E. and Clara Nichols built a store called Hollywood. A gin was built across the road. The community was called Hollywood for several years, but in the late 1930s a post office opened with the name Peggy, after a niece of John Mowinkle. In 1939 the town had a population of twenty-five and one business. In 1943 it had two businesses and twenty-five residents. The population rose to fifty by 1961, then decreased to twenty by 1968. In 1990 Peggy had a store with a post office, a farm machine shop, and twenty residents. The population was twenty-two in 2000.  I don't think it's changed much.  But gas sure has:  This tank says 62 cents a gallon, and somone bought 7.50 worth. 

The store and post office (now closed and for rent)
All we saw was one person and a couple of farms.  One had impalas and deer walking along the edge of the fence.  A popular reason to have acreage around here is for hunting.  It's reported that there are black panthers around here, too.  We have seen birds and cows, a few longhorns, and ferral pigs.  Yesterday we saw some bobwhites and caracaras with binoculars in a field.

Today it's drizzling and a cool 66 degrees, so we'll probably do inside stuff today. 

Ho hum. 


  1. How nice to have a town named after you:) !!! Cute pic of you and the sign.

  2. they knew you were coming so instead of baking a cake they put up signage for you :)