Saturday, December 1, 2012

Together with Family

Tuesday our son, Tristan, drove up from Miami for a Thanksgiving visit.  He arrived late, so we didn't see him until we got to Tampa on Wednesday for our trip to Universal Studios in Orlando.  The Jeep has been behaving well, so we decided to meet them there (also we wouldn't fit in their car).  The brave souls went on the roller coasters, we went on the tamer rides.  It wasn't too busy for the day before Thanksgiving, but Harry Potter is always busy.  Apparently they make more money on Pumpkin Juice than any other concession in the park.  The lines are always so long to get it.  Amazing what people want...
Lauren and Henry
We had a ball, but it was a long day and long drive home.  Michelle, Tristan and Brian were running in the 5K Turkey Trot at 7 am the next morning.  They asked if we'd like to cheer them on.  Well, sure, if was at 11 am, but we passed on a 5 am departure time.  Tristan later texted me that they all did really well and were really hungry!

We got to St. Pete. at 9:30 and began cooking turkeys.  One for the Halfway House and one for us.  All the fixings and lots of goodies for lunch.  Brian and Gary took the big kids to minature golf.  Michelle worked on her website:, (thought I'd throw that in there) and I continued to cook.  I enjoy cooking in a house once in a while - it brings back good family memories.  People came and went until it was finally Turkey Time! 

We all rolled away from the table, content for another year.  Thanks, sweetie for a fab Turkey Day.
Of course, we were able to take a little home with us for leftovers tomorrow.  It was a pleasant night to drive home.  And we were looking forward to Lance coming to stay with us on Saturday.  I smell fish in our future!

Saturday was beautiful again *sigh* so when Lance was dropped off, he wanted to go fishing immediately in our lake.  The worms were ready, so they hooked up and threw in their lines.

That particular spot was where our alligator hides out sometimes, but he didn't make an appearance.  Only one fish was caught by Lance, even though they fished till dinner time.  There wasn't anything playing at the movies that Lance liked so we visited RedBox and found the Avengers!  That took a couple of hours, then Lance read some of the books I had found at the flea market that morning for him.  He is an avid reader and had finished one and started another before he finally fell asleep around 10 pm. 

Bacon and eggs started the next morning before heading out to the lake again.  No bites, so they loaded up the Jeep and stopped at the grocery store for some shrimp and squid.  One of Lance's favorite spots is under the Ringling Bridge, so that's where they started.  Final score:  Lance - 4, Poppy - 0. 

Lance's puffer fish
Two bass, a puffer and a grunt, which was big enough to take home, clean, cook and eat! 
grilling that grunt
A little salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice, and it was ready!

not too sure it was tasty
He had a good visit, and so did we.  Next it's Lauren.  Time with the fam is getting short!

Our renters moved out on Wednesday. :(  They were the best ever renters.  We were very sad to see them go.  We had dinner with them at Applebee's, gave them a lemon and lime tree for their new house, and hugged them goodbye.  We will see them one day at their new place.  A funny story.  They have a cat, Chloe and a dog, Claire.  During all the packing, moving etc, Chloe went missing.  People had been in and out all day, but nobody saw her get out.  Finally Claire found her hiding in a rolled up rug.  Poor thing was scared to death and found a safe haven.  Good dog!

We will have a couple days work to do on the house on the outside.  Our renters were so good, that they washed and ironed the curtains and hung them back up, shampooed the rug and washed everything.  It's spotless inside!  Our realtor came to take measurements and sign papers, eyed me looking around and asked if I was planning to change my mind again.  I assured her I wasn't, but we didn't live in our home for very long.  However, life is an adventure, and we are on our way for some more of that good stuff, doncha know!  Life is good.

By the way, today is a special day.  It is my dearest hubby's birthday.  Thanks, mom, for having such a wonderful son!  And, thank you Lord, for allowing us another year together!  We will celebrate it with my girlfriends tonight as it's Girls' Club at our place!  Happy Birthday, honey!


  1. Happy Birthday Gary!!!

    You have enjoyed some great family time!

  2. Happy Birthday Gary...and what a great thanksgiving you all shared :)