Thursday, December 6, 2012

Working Toward a Goal

After trimming all the trees and bushes at our houseon Sunday, we cleaned up and drove to St. Pete for a Daddy Birthday Party.  Gary's birthday was Saturday, and Brian's was Sunday.  Ellie, 11, made the birthday cake from scratch, and we had ribs, roasted asparagus and taters.  That all went down easy! 

All By Myself
Happy Birthday, Daddies

We drove home and collapsed so that we can work harder tomorrow.  Fortunately every day is absolutely beautiful around 80, with a light breeze and no humidity.  Perfect Florida winter weather.  So working outside is fairly enjoyable.  However, we will be glad to get our stix and brix gone. 

Monday we bagged 17 loads of leaves, acorns, and yard debris.  That will get picked up on Wednesday.  Our agent put the house on the internet MLS and we got a call within the hour for a viewing.  We had to leave everything and disappear for lunch.  Sitting in the Jeep eating a chicken wrap, we watched our house until they left.  Gary worked on replacing a couple window ledges in the back.  Our dear, dear neighbor, Rafael, came over to help Gary with the sliding glass doors and pocket door.  Phone rings:  another viewing!  This time we didn't leave.   They asked where the stairs were to the upper floor.  We don't have an upstairs.  Ooops.  Called the Realtor to fix that problem. 

Tuesday I washed the roof - one of my favorite jobs.  I like high places.  A red-tailed hawk yelled at me from a neighbor's tree for half an hour.  That job took me most of the day.  But it was very satisfying watching that dirt run off the edge of the roof.  Whew.  Glad that's over.  Leftovers for dinner that we ate in bed.  Talk about exhausted.  We thought washing and waxing the coach was bad. 

Wednesday was Gary's check up at Moffitt in Tampa.  We ran over to the Lab to have blood drawn for our physicals, then had a good breakfast at Panera.  Then we headed up to Tampa.  Gary's Doctor was really pleased to see how good he looked.  A little red area I was worried about turned out to be nothing.  Gary is SPOTLESS!  Unfortunately, his Doctor was leaving Moffitt for St. Paul, MN to head up the Radiology Department, but he did give us a name of a Doctor at MD Anderson, Houston, in case.  I'm predicting we'll never see her.  Fingers crossed.

More people came to see the house, but we just ran by the house to put out the trash and fifty boards that we held onto for some reason.  All the yard waste was gone, and we hope they pick up all this stuff, too.

Today we woke up early, had breakfast, and dressed in grubs to do some more cleaning on the house, but people were there almost all day, so we ended up going to the bank to do some business, Walmart for a couple things, and Target for some Christmas shopping.  That done, we headed home for some outdoor grilling.  And here I am!

Giving our bods some down time to recuperate tomorrow. 

By the way, our son, Tristan, is a musician and has entered the Rocky Mountaineer Train Contest .  If you would like to hear his jingle, please use the link above, and please feel free to vote.  We're hoping he wins this, and we do think he's the best out of the top ten finalists. Maybe your friends would like to hear it also?   I think we would love to take this train ride, too, someday!  It looks amazing!

Thanks for visiting.  Things are looking good, like life!


  1. It DOES look amazing! I was sold on that train trip as soon as I saw the video...and heart Tristan's entry :) Hope he wins!
    Congrats to Gary to such an excellent checkup! You both must feel so happy and we couldn't be happier for you!
    Good luck with the house. It sure sounds like it'll sell very quickly :)

  2. I voted. He sounds great. Hope he wins. Does he have a CD for sale?

  3. your son is you sure have had alot of could have a taker anyday :) glad to hear the good medical news on Gary...keep on keeping on and Happy Birthday to all...

  4. We voted for Tristan...wonderful!!!

    Love the photo of your adorable grand-daughter and her beautiful cake:o)))

    Well, sounds like you are making real house selling progress...lots of showings. But the best news is about Gary's checkup. That is just real special news!!!!