Saturday, September 1, 2012

Old Smoky Time

Fortunately we dodged a bullet when Issac veered west rather than toward Tampa.  Our hearts go out to all those that are still dripping. 

We all drove to Knoxville for a lunch at Panera and while the boys went over to Best Buy for radio shopping, Donna and I went to JoAnn's to use our 60% coupon on one regularly priced fabric.  I was hoping I could get the fabric I liked for my chair covers.  However, it was a trick.  Most everything was on sale (including my fabric choice), but because it was 50% off, most people would buy it.  It was a ploy to get you in the store, and then think that 50% was still a good deal.  Bummer. 

But I did find some fabric for the bathroom window.  It was also on sale, and when I told the cashier that we had driven all the way to Knoxville for this coupon, he gave it to me on a button purchase.  Anyhow, this is what became of my fabric:

Gary and Ron put the new radio into Bella's dashboard and now we can play our iPods while going down the road without two speakers and a converter lying on the floor.  Yay.

Yesterday we needed to get out of the city, so headed to Cades Cove for a drive.  The first wildlife we saw were some turkeys:

Then we noticed this female all alone (maybe she left the kids with dad)

We made a stop along the way and played on the river bank.
We stopped at the Visitor's Center and walked around the old mill. 

Took some flower pictures:

And this, our favorite photo of the day:

We admired this motorcycle and sidecar in the parking lot. We also noticed this young lady in her wheelchair (you can see it between Mom and the sidecar - it's pink).  On our way home, we happened to come up behind them and the motorcycle.  They belonged to each other!  The young lady was having a ball looking at the scenery as we wove around the mountainside.  We wondered if she traveled like this all the time.  What fun for her!  

Now the bathroom is done, and I'm onto the headboard. But first we have to work this Labor Day weekend. Gary checked in a bunch of people today, and I cooked sausages all day. Whew. I wish it would cool off a bit.  It's still in the 90s here.  But fall is just around the corner!


  1. Cades Cove... one of our favorite places!! We just love the Smokies and would love to get back there to camp. Any suggestions for a campground that is close, but not too difficult to get to?? Just can't imagine taking baby on some of the roads;-))

  2. Love all your redecorating....maybe I need to hire you!